AD Synchronization

  1. Launch FileHold Instrumentation Tool on the Server
  • You should be a server Administrator, SQL Server Administrator and Domain Administrator to best complete this task of synchronization with the domain
  1. Click on ‘AD Synchronization’.
  • In the ‘AD Synchronization Tool’, click on ‘Start’.


  1. In ‘Connect to FileHold’, supply the sysadm credentials and click on ‘Connect’.
  • This must be a FileHold System Administrator level user, who is a specific member of a System Administrator Group in FileHold.

AD Synch Step 2

  1. In the ‘Synchronized Domains’ list, click on ‘Add’.
  • This will have you add your domain with your Domain\Domain Administrator account

Synchronized Domains

  1. In the ‘Domain Properties’, supply your Domain Administrator credentials and click Retrieve. Click OK.

AD Sync Step 5

  1. You will now see the domain displayed
  • Select/highlight the newly added domain
  • Click on ‘Synchronize’. A confirmation message appears.

AD Sync Step 6

  • Click on ‘OK’. The domain synchronization process begins.

AD Sync Step 7

  1. Upon successful sync process, an information message appears.

AD Sync Step 8

  • If this is a fresh, brand new FileHold server install, the sync process is done at this point.
  • If part of a FileHold upgrade process  then click on  ‘Update’ in the Synchronized Domains list while the domain is selected/highlighted.

  • The ‘Update Domain’ dialog appears with the default values for the domain being synchronized. 

AD Sync Step 10

  • Click on ‘OK’.  A confirmation message appears.

AD Sync Step 11

  • Click on ‘OK’. Upon successful retrieval of licensing information from ADAM, an informational message appears.

AD Sync Step 12 of 12

  1. Click OK - you have now completed the basic process of AD Synchronization and just have a few steps left to complete all tasks

Now login to the Web Client and select a default domain

To set the default domain

  1. In the Web Client > System Administration, go to Global Settings > General.

  2. In the Select Default Domain area, select a domain from the list or leave the setting at “none selected” if Active Directory synchronization is not being used.

  3. Click Update.

Now the drop down menu in the FileHold Web Client LoginForm.aspx will display the name of your domain. Each Desktop Client user will have to set this in their login settings.

You can now add a user from the domain, and test logging in with that  domain user by following this procedure. Make sure to add the domain user to one or more FileHold Groups, so they have access to Cabinets, Folder(s) and Document Schemas.