Disabling Document Shortcuts

Shortcuts to documents can be created but can slow down the Search performance in FileHold. When you have several million documents with several shortcuts, it impacts the performance of the system.

The option of creating document shortcuts can be disabled in order to improve Search performance. Shortcuts will be automatically disabled in FileHold 12 for all new installations (but can be enabled if necessary). If you have existing shortcuts from previous versions of FileHold, this will still be active and enabled when you upgrade. Once shortcuts are created, they cannot be disabled again.

There are several workarounds for shortcuts such as:

To disable/enable document shortcuts

  1. In the Web Client, go to Administration Panel > System Configuration > Settings > General.

  2. In the Document Shortcuts area , do one of the following:

  • To enable document shortcuts, select the check box.

  • To disable document shortcuts, clear the check box.