Creating or Viewing Locally Managed Users

A locally managed user is a user account that is created and managed directly in FileHold. This is in contrast to a domain user. A domain user is a user account obtained through synchronization of FileHold with Active Directory server.

To create a locally managed user

  1. In the Web Client, go to Administration Panel > System Management > User Management > Users.
  • Alternatively, log into FDA and go to Administration > User Management > Users.
  1. Click Add Users.
  2. Select Locally Managed User and click Next.
  3. Fill in the following information and click OK:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • User Logon Name
  • Email
  • Default Language
  • Source — Locally managed user account
  • Initials
  1. Enter the password for the user twice and click OK.
  2. Select Account Settings and enter the following information under General Account Options:
  • FileHold account is enabled for this user — Select this check box if the user account should be enabled.
  • User has guaranteed user access — Select this check box if the user should have access to the system at all times.
  • User must change password at next logon — Select this option if the user is to set their own password the next time they log into the system.
  • Send activation email (Only available through the Web Client) — Select this check box in order to send the new user an email containing a link to activate their user account. Enter an additional information for the user in the "Additional information for newly created user account" text box. If this option is enabled, the "User must change password at next logon" option is disabled. This option is not available after a user account has been created. For additional configuration for the subject line and contact email address on the notification email, see Logon Security. This option is recommended.

NOTE: This option is not available if the password is set prior to selecting the Account Settings page.

New user account activation email

  1. IIn the License Options Assignment area, select the viewer license for the user. By default, the user will be assigned a FileHold viewer level 1 license.:
  • None
  • FileHold viewer level 1
  • FileHold viewer level 2
  1. Select the Web scanning license assignment check box if the user is to be assigned a WebCap scanning license.
  2. In the Account Expiration area, select at date for the user account to expire or leave the default Never for the account to remain active indefinitely. An account expiration date is good to use when you have contractors or temporary workers.
  3. Click OK.
  4. In the Member Of tab, you will need to add the user to a group. See Adding Users to Groups for more information.
  5. In the Contact Information tab, enter the user’s contact information such as addresses, phone numbers, and company information. This information is optional.
  6. Click OK. The user is added to the list of registered users.