User activity log

The User Activity log is a report that displays the user name, which client they logged into, and the time and date they logged in and out of the system. The User Activity log available filters include: user name (drop down list), full name, user logon name starts with, login date range, logout date range, and active sessions only (check box).

The following column information is displayed: full name, user login name including the internal ID number (the internal ID number is used to distinguish users with the same name), client (FDA, Web Client, Mobile, FH Instrumentation, Microsoft SharePoint, Custom), version and build number, connection pool (full, limited, or SharePoint), client address, log in date and time, and log out date and time.

The User Activity log is accessible only by system administrators. This log is never deleted or overwritten.

When an FDA user logs in using an external identity provider, a web client session is created in addition to the FDA session.

For more detailed reporting, FileHold uses Microsoft SQL Reporting Services integration.

To view the User Activity log

  1. Go to Administration > Full Administration Menu > Administration Reports > User Activity.

  2. Use any of the following filters:

  • Full Name

  • Full name starts with

  • User login name starts with

  • Login date from - to

  • Logout date from - to

  • Active sessions only – When enabled, displays only those users who are using a currently logged into the system.

  1. Click Apply Filter. The number of results and the report are shown below. The number of rows that are displayed in the report view can be adjusted to show 15, 30, or 60 rows at a time. Click on the column to sort in ascending or descending order.

  2. To export the results, click Export as CSV.