WebCap - Web-based scanning into FileHold

FileHold WebCap is a web-based scanning feature that allows remote users to scan documents via a web browser without the need of scanning software installed except for the scanner drivers and the browser connector. Remote users can scan and store documents into the FileHold document management repository from anywhere they have access to the internet and a scanner. Note that WebCap works only with scanners that correctly support the TWAIN driver interface.

WebCap is a deprecated product feature an no longer avialable for sales after 2023.

This feature is useful for organizations that have many remote offices or many mobile workers who need to scan documents such as contracts, bill of sales, expenses, or work estimates into a document management system. It is especially powerful for companies who want these documents to go into a workflow to automate review and approval processes after they have been scanned.

Using WebCap scanning

WebCap scanning is done via a browser based client. The list of supported browsers can be viewed in the System Requirements. In the Web Client, all scanning and viewing of the documents is done in the Scanner Inbox.

In order to scan images, ensure that you have the TWAIN driver installed on your computer for your scanner. You will also need to install the Twain Web Connector in order for the scanning to work.

The quality of the scan and compression of the final document that is uploaded to the document management repository or saved to the local computer can be controlled in WebCap settings.

WebCap allows pages to be previewed, added, removed, zoomed, de-skewed, rotated, compressed, loaded from, and saved to disk. Documents can be stored in FileHold in TIFF or PDF format.

Documents in the Scanner Inbox are saved to the document management server until they are removed. This allows users to log off and come back to the images at a later time without losing them.

In order to start scanning, you will need to:

  • Install the correct TWAIN driver for the scanner
  • Install the TWAIN Web browser connector
  • Connect WebCap to the scanner

Note: Before you make a final scanner selection to use with WebCap you should test WebCap, the scanning workstation, the TWAIN driver, and the scanner together. WebCap supports the TWAIN 2.3 standards, but this is not true for all scanner vendors, on all operating systems, and with all of their models.