SmartSoft Capture - Silent installation

SmartSoft Capture can be deployed using silent installation, which does not require user intervention.

Please note that configuration of these deployment solutions requires expert IT knowledge and is not included in FileCare. This solution has been provided by SmartSoft. Any suggestions for improvement of the process or issues encountered with use of silent install can be sent to FileHold's Support team for SmartSoft's review.

Silent Installation

<SmartSoft Capture installation file> /verysilent /-sp

<SmartSoft Capture installation file>

This is the name of the actual installer file. The following is an example installer filename: 


The silent install should complete within 20 - 30 seconds (depending on configuration). SmartSoft Capture should now be installed on the workstation.


It may be convenient to import Capture's settings, training templates, or form templates from other workstations. Details for this process can be found here.