Troubleshooting SmartSoft Capture

Upon launching SmartSoft Capture and the error "Unable to connect to FileHold" appears, the following may be reasons why:

  1. The FileHold Desktop Application (FDA) is unable to connect to the server. Ensure that the FDA is running and connected to the server.
  2. SmartSoft Capture must be able to read the configuration file from found in the default location listed below. You may need to move the \FileHold\FDA directory to this location to resolve the issue.
  3. You are not licensed for SmartSoft Capture or do not have enough licenses for Capture. You will need to check the licensing page to ensure that you have at least one "Concurrent sessions" listed in the license details. If you do not, use the licensing page to request a new license. (FileHold 15.2)

If SmartSoft is running but you are experiencing issues with scanning in the application, gather the following information and send it to [email protected]:

  1. FormOCRLog.html file found in the following directory: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\SmartSoft\SmartSoft Capture
  2. The form template (.ftf) you are using. In SmartSoft Capture go to File > Edit Form Templates > select the field template name > Export. Take note of the ftf file and location.
  3. Samples of the problematic files in pdf format. Send at least 3 or 4 samples.
  4. Steps on how the problem occurs.

If you are attempting to process documents through Capture and the software is not capturing any information from the page nor can you click on any information on the page to populate a form field, please contact FileHold support. There may be an issue with Windows usernames that contain a "dot" such as firstname.lastname that is causing this issue. You can also turn off the fast processing" option in the to see if this fixes the issue.