About SmartSoft Capture Plus

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is the electronic conversion of images of typed or printed text into computer-readable text from scanned documents. A number of factors can affect the quality of the resulting text after a document has been OCR'd such as the quality of source documents, scan quality, font, language, and so on. For those customers who find that the text capture and extraction is not accurate enough, possibly due to the quality of their documents, you can upgrade to Capture Plus. If you wish to upgrade your current version of Capture to Capture Plus, contact [email protected].

The difference between the Capture and Capture Plus versions are the OCR engines that are used to process the documents for automatic data capture and extraction. In the Capture version, fast processing mode uses the Tesseract engine while regular processing mode uses the SmartSoft SmartOCR engine. The SmartSoft SmartOCR engine, while more accurate than the Tesseract engine, may to be slower to process documents. The Capture Plus version uses a primary enhanced OCR engine (Nuance) and a secondary OCR engine (Tesseract) for maximum recognition quality. Since both OCR engines used are fast, there is no option to change the processing mode in the scanning settings. 

Capture Plus also has a more extensive barcode library. See Using barcodes with Capture for more information.

Capture Plus is controlled in the FileHold license. When logging into the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA), the system checks if there is a SmartSoft Capture Plus license is available for use. If there are no concurrent sessions available, a message is displayed stating that all sessions are in use.

    Capture Plus version check

    If you have installed the Capture Plus version, you can check to ensure you have the correct version:

    1. Click Ctrl+F8
    2. In the log file, look for the following line "LeadToolsPlugin: installed"