QuickScan Pro Image Format, Naming, Image Tabs

The Image Format and Naming options enable you to specify a file naming schema, job separation settings, file type, and color and compression formats.

Use the following settings:

  • Enter file name at scan time - check only if the files will be named manually.
  • Use schema to name files - select to have QSP use defined fields to name files.
    • Modify - these are the fields to choose from to name files.
  • Job separation - select method of separating batches of documents into individual files.
    • Configure - define the parameters of the separation method - ex: type of barcode using.
  • Save parameters.
    • File type - what format the file will be saved as
    • Colour format - colour, black and white or grayscale settings
    • Compression - number of dpi's
  • Append standard extension to the file name - this will add the appropriate file extension automatically.


Image processing

Image processing can be used to clean up "dirty" images, straighten crooked images caused by paper misalignment during scanning, remove black circles caused by punch holes, and so forth. It can also be used to recognize barcodes and patch codes on the image.

A suite of image processing filters are included, each designed to perform a specific enhancement task. These filters can be used individually or in sequence, and they can be configured to deliver the optimal results depending on your parameters.

You can apply image processing filters in the following cases:

  • Include image processing filters in a Scan profile. This applies the filter automatically when scanning a new batch.
  • Apply image processing filters on opened images.

Use the following settings:

  • Image processing during scan - applies filters that correct or enhance the image of the documents and detect job separators.
    • Add / Remove available Filters
      • Configure - configure the filters (ex: pick the type of barcode(s) to detect)