Migrating QuickScan Pro Settings to a new PC (obsolete)

QuickScan Pro (QSP) From EMC is no longer available and is not sold or supported by FileHold document management software to learn what has replaced QSP contact [email protected]

For legacy customers with a still valid license you may need to migrate your local scanning workstation settings when:

  • Backing up a scanning workstation's QuickScan Pro (QSP) and FileHold Desktop Application (FDA) settings as part of your disaster recovery and business continuity processes.
  • Adding additional scanning stations with identical or very similar configurations.

TIP: If you do not use QSP you can jump here to copy the manage imports profiles only.

Setting up the New Workstation

  1. Install EMC Captiva QuickScan Pro and enter the license on the new workstation. If you require a license, contact [email protected].
  2. Install FileHold Desktop Application.

Working / Scanning Folder Migration

  1. On the old workstation, copy the scanning directory. When setting up a scanning batch profile, the PDF and XML files are stored on the local computer prior to being imported into FileHold. This is typically on the C: drive in a "Scanning" folder. For example, C:\Scanning\Invoices\PDF+XML. To see what folder the files are sent to, check the batch settings. Ensure that any existing files in the scanning folders are imported into FileHold. You do not want to copy over half imported batches.
  2. Copy the "Scanning" folder directory to the same location on the new workstation. Make sure all XML files and PDF files are cleaned out of all folders and sub folders so not to duplicate batch imports.

QuickScan Pro Profile Migration

  1. On the old workstation, open QSP and go to Scan > Manage Profiles.
  2. Copy all the folders in the directory to a location where they are accessible by the new workstation, such as a thumb or network drive.
  3. On the new workstation, open QSP and go to Scan > Manage Profiles.
  4. Move or zip all existing folder contents. These are example profiles and are not needed but can be kept as a backup.
  5. Copy all folders from the old workstation over to the new workstation in the same directory location typically: C:\Program Files (x86)\EMC Captiva\QuickScan\Profiles.
  6. Exit out of QSP completely.
  7. Relaunch QSP on new workstation.
  8. Go to Scan > New Batch. All of the batch profiles that were copied over should be listed.
  9. If your scanner model is different on this new workstation, then open each batch profile, set the scanner, and Save.

FileHold Desktop Application - Manage Imports - XML Settings Migration

  1. In the old workstation, log into the FDA.
  2. Go to the following folder location and copy the XML file profiles. Each XML file represents one import profile in the FDA. You may need to turn on hidden files and system folders/files in your folder options.


  1. Paste the XML files in the same folder location on the new workstation.
  2. On the new workstation, log into the FDA with a minimum of a library administration role.
  3. Go to Tools > Manage Imports to ensure that the profiles have been copied over successfully.
  4. Test all scanning profiles in QSP and associated imports in the FDA to ensure everything is working correctly.

TIP: It is recommended that backups of the scanning profiles are made. Each customer is responsible for maintaining and backing up these locations.