PDF compression and colour

With version 3.9.11, SmartSoft has introduced compression and colour options for output PDFs in both Capture and Capture Plus. By default, compression is enabled by default on output PDFs. The compression level for black and white and gray scale images is automatic. Color input can be maintained with the level of compression set with the slider. Users are encouraged to test these settings for themselves to ensure compression is optimal for each use case.

To modify compression and colour settings

  1. In Capture, go to Tools > Settings > Archive tab.
  2. To turn off compression, select the Copy the input PDF instead of generating a new one check box.
  3. For colour settings, select one of the following:
  • Black and white – Outputs the PDF as black and white colour.
  • Keep color for color output – Outputs the PDF in colour. Using the slider, set the compression level. You will need to test the compression levels to determine the correct level for image quality and document size. For example, no colour compression produces a high quality PDF but may also have a large file size.