How to use Mobile FileHold

Mobile FileHold is mobile document management software that allows you to access your documents, add files, and approve and review workflow tasks while on the go.

See the system requirements for the officially supported platforms. However, Mobile FileHold is HTML 5 based so many other types of devices may work correctly even if they are not officially supported.

In Mobile FileHold you can:

  • Add files
  • Search for documents which includes simple searches, saved searches, and quick searches
  • Submit reviews and approvals for workflow tasks
  • View metadata for a document
  • Download and view a document through your device’s supported application
  • Initiate a workflow on a document

Logging in and out of Mobile FileHold

In order to log into Mobile FileHold, you will need the correct URL to access the repository. You can login using a local or domain account.

You may need to install a VPN configuration file on your device to allow access to your network. See your administrators for more information.

To log in

  1. In your browser, enter the URL for FileHold. The format of the URL should be:


  1. Enter your user name, password, and select the domain name (if applicable) or local account from the drop-down list.
  2. Tap Log In. The home screen opens.

To log out

  1. From the home screen, tap Log Out .

Mobile FileHold home screen

The Mobile FileHold home screen has four options:

  • Add Mobile FileHold Add document icon — Add files from your device.
  • My Tasks Mobile FileHold workflow tasks icon — View your review and approval tasks.
  • Search Mobile FileHold search icon — Search documents using simple, saved, or quick searches.
  • Help Mobile FileHold help icon — Opens the help page for Mobile FileHold (and here you are!)

From any screen, tap the Home icon Mobile FileHold home icon to return to the home screen or tap the Back icon Mobile FileHold back icon to go to the previous screen.