Unindexed documents report

The FileHold full-text search engine cannot index files that are encrypted, digitally secured, or damaged. You are able to see a list of files that cannot be indexed. Documents that belong to offline document schema types also cannot be indexed and will appear here.

You can either remove it from the list or replace the files with a version that can be indexed.

Unindexed files list

For example, a PDF can be encrypted/secured so that the text inside the document is locked/encrypted and cannot be searched. Another example is an Microsoft Excel worksheet that is protected with a password or macro level security. In this case, the search engine would also be blocked from indexing the contents of the file.

You can perform the following options on un-indexed files:

  • Metadata and title search will still work on all of these files if you use metadata fields to index this type of document.

  • Replace is so you can replace the file that cannot be indexed with a file capable of being indexed.

  • Remove simply means to remove this warning from the unindexed files report so you won't have to be notified again about that particular file.

This feature can also warn of access permissions or other technical IT issues related to full text search operations. The Domain\FileHold Service account that runs the entire FileHold server system needs to have full control of the FullTextSearch collection. The report can warn if file permissions change and do not allow the FullTextSearch collection folder structure to be accessed as well, so this report is useful on several levels.

You can disable these alerts in the System Configuration > Full Text Settings if you do not wish to receive these daily reports. You can also change who these reports are sent to, and you can read about disabling or changing the recipients of the report. 

Note that any file types that have been excluded in the web.config file will not be displayed in the Unindexed Files list.

To view un-indexed files

  1. In Web Client, go to Administration Panel > System Management > Full Text Search > Unindexed Files.

  2. Click Remove to remove it from the list of un-indexed files. This will not remove the document from the Library.

  3. Click Replace to replace the document with one that can be indexed.

  4. Click Browse to locate the file and click OK.