Search Engine Status

On the Full Text Search (FTS) Status page you can view the status of the search engine. It shows information such as when the last document(s) were indexed, the number of words in the index, state of the last indexing batch, total file count, and so on.

You can also create a detailed status report from the FTS Status page. It contains much more detail including:

  • All dtSearch settings

  • All information from the status and error pages

  • Number of documents in the Library

  • Version of the dtSearch dll file

There are some options that are configurable for the FTS index in a web configuration file. The web.config file can be found in C:\Program Files\FileHold Systems\Application Server\FullTextSearch:

  • Add2IndexEnableVerify — Checks to see if the doc is in the index. The default value is 1 which is enabled. If set to 0 then it is disabled. It is recommended that you keep this setting enabled.
  • Add2IndexMaximumRetries — The length of time that the document will attempted to be indexed. Default value is 10 times.
  • Add2IndexDays2RetainFailures — The length of time that a document will sit in the FTS queue if it has not been successfully indexed. Default value is 750 days.

TIP: When doing a major re-indexing of FileHold, this report may not function as the Microsoft SQL Server locks key index related tables. Once the re-indexing is complete, this report will run properly.

TIP: You can also check the status of the full text search engine in the Dashboard.

To view the search engine status

  1. In Web Client, to to Administration Panel > Full Text Search > Status.

  2. The key status indicators are:



Number of Documents Waiting to be Indexed

How many documents are in the queue waiting for full text search indexing. Documents are normally indexed for full text content every 60 seconds by a Windows scheduled task. If this value is not decreasing or at 0 documents, it may indicated that the schedule task is not running. Please contact FileHold Support if this is the case.

Total Documents in the Library and Archive

The number of documents in the library (all versions) and the library archive.

Total files in the Index

Total files that have been indexed. This number may be different than the total number of documents in your repository as some documents such as Outlook messages or zipped documents may contain more than one file. It is also possible that some of your documents will be excluded from the indexing according to how you have configured your exclusion rules and whether or not you have encrypted documents in your repository.

Last updated date

The date and time that the full text search index was last updated.

Index created date

The date and time the full text search index was created.

Index Size

The size of the index in KB, MB or GB.

Word Count

The number of words that have indexed. Note that noise words are omitted from the index.

Current Indexing State

"Idle" or "Running" if processing documents.

Last Indexing Batch Result

Provides the results from processing the last batch of documents. Normal status should state "Succeeded".

The number of documents in queue with failed index attempts

The number of documents in the FTS queue with at least one unsuccessful indexing attempt.

Number of documents that required more than one attempt to add to index

When a document that has at least one unsuccessful attempt has been finally added to the FTS queue.



To run the Full Text Search Status Report

  1. In the Administration Panel > Full Text Search > Status page, click the Create Detailed Report button.

  2. Your browser will download an HTML format report with the full FTS status details.