Adding a Workflow to a Schema

Organizations typically have a number of internal processes for tasks such as order processing, purchase requests, travel expenses, and so on. The FileHold Workflow module brings order to these independent processes in a transparent, dynamic, and robust fashion making it a key part of the document cycle.

The FileHold workflow engine is designed to streamline the review and approval process of documents as they proceed through their lifecycle. In collaborative work environments, this labor intensive growth stage of the document is where the most time savings can be realized through the use of workflow.

Once you have created a workflow template, you can apply it to the schema. When a document is added to the system that belongs to the schema with a workflow, a user can initiate a workflow on the document.

Workflow is an optional module of FileHold that can be purchased at any time.

To add a workflow to a schema

  1. Log in as Library Administrator. In the Web Client, go to Document Schemas > Schema Name >Step 4 Workflow.

  • Alternatively, in FDA, go to Administration > Manage Schemas > Schema Name > Workflow tab and click Add to Schema.

  1. Select the workflow(s) to be associated with this schema and click Add to Schema.

  2. In the Workflows Associated with this Schema area, set the order of the workflows using the Order field or delete the workflow by clicking X.

  3. In the Workflow Settings area, select the Hide all versions… check box to hide the document version from everyone but the workflow participants and designated library administrators until such time as it has gone through a workflow instance that contains at least one Approval activity and the result of this activity is that the document is signed off as "Approved".
    NOTE: This setting is useful because the workflow does not check in or check out a documents. Selecting this setting will ensure no editing is taken place on the document during the review and approval process.

  4. Click Next in the Document Schema Wizard to configure the Custom Naming.