Metadata field types

Metadata field types determine the format users must follow when entering metadata for the documents they add to the document management system.

The field type is selected by the library administrator when the metadata field is created.

Metadata field types

Field types


Text field allows users to add information in any format. The text box size is limited by a configurable number of character. The number of lines refers to the number of lines of text that will display in the document management system. For instance, the first line of an address. The initial value is a default value. Text values can be left empty.

Text type metadata fields

Drill drop down menu

A Drill Drop Down menu is a list of choices that the user can select from that then asks them to select from another drop down menu list.  See creating drop down menus for more information.

Drop down menu - FileHold managed

A Drop-Down Menu - FileHold Managed menu is a list of choice provided for the user to choose from. In this instance the list is created manually by the Library Administrator. See creating drop down menus for more information.

Drop down menu - Database lookup

A Drop-Down Menu - Database Lookup menu is a list of choices provided for the user to choose from. In this instance the list is created automatically by an MS SQL database. See creating drop down menus for more information.


A Date field enforces users entering a valid date or date and time.

If you only need only a year or month, you should consider using a dropdown menu instead of the date field.

To configure a date field

  1. Select the Date Display Format. The default date and time format values are configured by the system administrator in the Client options. Options include:
  • Short date
  • Long date
  • Short date and time
  • Long date and time
  • Custom format
  1. If a custom format was selected, enter the date and time format. See the Date and Time Format Identifiers table for more information.
  2. Click Test to see if the custom date format is valid.
  3. A sample of the date and time is shown in the Test Result field. If the date format is not valid, an error message is shown.
  4. Select the Initial Value for the date:
  • Current date and time – Today’s date and time.
  • Blank – Use  this value to Blank so that a user is forced to enter the correct date instead of defaulting to the current (today’s) date and time.
  • Custom – Enter a custom static date value. This is typically used in conjunction with event schedules. See Using Custom Metadata Fields for Retention Policies for more information.

If the date field is set to “required” in the schema, the custom date and blank date is editable by users with sufficient rights. If the date field is set to “read-only”, then the metadata field is not editable unless the permission settings to “allow the document creator to modify metadata” have been enabled in the System Administrator settings.

Date type metadata field

A date picker is available for users by clicking the calendar icon next to the field. Regardless of the field format settings, the date picker will only allow users to choose a year, month, and day.


A Number field requires users to use numerals in the metadata field. Formats decimal places, separators and group separators. It can also be used to control the display of positive and negative numbers as well as define a maximum and/or minimum value and a default value.

Number type metadata field


A Currency field enforces rules on currency symbols, default decimal placement, the display of positive and negative numbers.

Currency type metadata field

If the required currency symbol format is not in the available list, you can customize the currency symbol format by modifying a resource file on the FileHold Server.


A Checkbox field type allows for a selection of true/false radio button options. 

Checkbox type metadata field


A URL field type saves the entered information as a functioning URL. A caption can be entered for an URL type metadata field. When defined, the caption is displayed in the metadata pane instead of the URL address. If the caption is not defined in the metadata field, the URL is displayed.

http://, https://, ftp://, file://ServerName/Path or file:///C:/ is supported.

URL type metadata field
URL hyperlink in metadata pane