Create a dropdown menu - FileHold managed

These menus are created by the Library Administrator so that users can select from a list of choices rather than typing.

Adding, deleting, or changing drop-down list values are logged in the Library Audit Log.

To create a FileHold managed dropdown menu

  1. In the Web Client, go to Administration Panel  > Library Configuration > Metadata Fields.
  • Alternatively, in the FDA, go to Administration > Manage Schemas > Metadata Fields.
  1. In the Add Metadata Field pane, enter a Name for the metadata. No two metadata fields can have the same name.

  2. Enter a Description for the metadata. The description will appear as a tool tip in the FDA.

  3. Select the field type Drop Down Menu - FileHold Managed.

  4. From the Web Client, click Manage Menu Items. You can add, delete, and organize the order of the hierarchy by moving the items up and down.

  • From the FDA, click the Field Properties tab. Add, Edit, Delete, and organize the order of the drop down list.

Create a FileHold managed drop down list
  1. If multiple value selections are allowed, select the Allow Multiple Selections check box.

When the allow multiple selections check box is checked, users can select multiple values by selecting the check box next to the value name.

  1. If there are duplicates in the list and you would like them removed, select the Remove Duplicates check box. This option is checked by default. This feature does not consider when documents may already be assigned this value, so it is not suggested for use unless you are defining this field for the first time.

  2. Enter or select an Initial Value, if applicable. The initial value will satisfy a requirement for a field value where defined in the document schema.

FileHold managed drop down metadata field properties
  1. From the Web Client, click Save.
  • From the FDA, click OK.

FileHold managed dropdown menu fields are intended for cases where there is a relatively small number of values. There is no fixed limit but the practical limits are determined by how easy it is to maintain the values and the performance of the network traffic. Unlike database dropdown menus, all values are downloaded to the client every time they are used. Database dropdown menus download approximately 200 values by default regardless of the list size.