Undo checkout for other users

Sometimes users are away on vacation, have prolonged leave of absences or are no longer with the organization. They may have files that are checked out with version control that now need to be released back into the document management system so that other users can use them. Library Administrators can search for users and remove the lock on the checked out file. This allows other users to then check out the file and resume the management of the document lifecycle. The check out lock on the document is canceled and the version number remains the same number that it was before the document was checked out.

The Find People search results allows you to check in for a user that may have been deleted, disabled, or whose permissions have been changed (invalid) in the system. When checking in for users, the following statuses will be included in the search results next to the user name, if applicable:

  • (Deleted) — The user or group no longer exists in FileHold.

  • (Disabled) — The user no longer has a FileHold license.

To display a list of all users in the system in the search results, leave the First or Last Name field blank and click Find Now. This will aid you in finding any deleted, disabled, or invalid users.

To check in a document for a user

  1. In Library Admin, go to Administration Panel > Library Management > Undo Checkout.

  2. In the Find People area, enter the first or last name of the user and click Find Now. Alternatively, you can leave the name field blank to return a list of users with documents that are checked out.

  3. Select the user from the results list and click Select.

  4. In the list of checked out files by the user, select which files you want to check in and click Check-In No Changes. The file is checked in without any changes made and the version number remains the same as it was before it was checked out.

  5. To export the list into a CSV file, click Export as CSV.

  6. Click Done when you have finished checking in files for other users.