Training Curriculum

FileHold training is not required but is highly recommended for all implementations. While FileHold is not a difficult application to use, there are several benefits for training. Individual training helps your business run better. Trained employees will be better equipped to handle the new software that is being implemented. The more engaged and involved they are, there will a higher adoption rate of the software. Training also adds flexibility and efficiency and is essential for knowledge transfer.

Training is done remotely through online meeting and desktop sharing software that enables the trainer to meet with customers via the Internet in real time. Training is done on the customer's installation of the document management software so the trainer can assist in configuring the system as the training proceeds.

The curriculum includes a standard set of training. The system administration training session is always first and library administration training session is second. The remainder of the training sessions can be done in any order.

System Administration – approximately 2 hours

  1. Creating Users
  2. Creating Groups
  3. Logon and password security
  4. General settings
  5. Repository settings
  6. Full text search settings
  7. Licensing
  8. Viewer configuration
  9. Reports
  10. Client options

Library Administration – approximately 2 hours

  1. Creating document schemas
  2. Metadata fields
  3. Events
  4. General library settings
  5. Search engine settings
  6. Library utilities
  7. Creating cabinets, drawers, folder groups, and folders
  8. FileHold security
  9. Reports

End user training – approximately 1.5 hours

  1. The Inbox
    • How to add files into FileHold – In FDA, Watched Folders, and Office Integration
  2. My FileHold
    • My Favourites
    • Checked out documents/checking in, version history
    • Alerts, Reminders and alert preferences
    • Recently add/accessed
    • Calendar
    • Recent folders
  3. Searching – simple and advanced
    • Saved searches – regular, empty, quick
    • Search views and exporting results
  4. Fastfind (if purchased) – setting up and using Preferences
  5. Virtual folders
  6. Document tray
  7. Linking documents
  8. Preferences and Settings
    • User
    • View

Workflow – approximately 1.5 hours

  1. Permission settings
  2. Workflow templates
  3. Adding workflow templates to schemas
  4. Initiating a workflow
  5. Reviewing and approving documents in a workflow
  6. Workflow status report
  7. Advanced search – approval, review status and dates
  8. Dashboard
  9. Workflow delegation
  10. Workflow preferences

Scanning – approximately 1 to 2 hours

Scanning training will be tailored to the type of scanning you are doing and the software being used. See the following article on how to scan documents into FileHold.

Courier – approximately 1 hour

  1. Licensing Courier
  2. Enabling Courier
  3. Creating templates
  4. Applying templates to schemas
  5. Initiating transmissions
  6. Using the Courier portal
  7. Customizing the Courier portal

Other training sessions available

  • Document viewers
  • Auto-filing scripts
  • Extraction rules
  • Automatic document importation
  • Anonymous portal
  • Mobile FileHold
  • Microsoft SharePoint as a Web Part