Reporting with Windows Authentication in FileHold

Step by step instructions in how to configure SQL Server Reporting Services and the FileHold Reporting system can be read here. You will use your FH_Service account that runs the FileHold Server Application. You will be using Windows Authentication to integrate SQL Reporting services with FileHold Server and the FileHold databases.

This document assumes that IIS and SQL Standard or Enterprise are on the same Windows Server that is running the FileHold Web Server Application.

We do not provide advice if IIS and SQL are on separate servers as there are many considerations in the areas of  IT security and technical configuration best practices.

You will want to ensure that Windows Integrated security for report data source connections is set in Microsoft SQL.

Requirements to Complete this Process:

We recommend that you install an SSL certificate for the web server before beginning this so that reporting services can be run under SSL. We do not provide instructions on how to do this within this document.

This help article contains two sample report definition files (RDL) for Library reporting and User reporting. These are the two most common reports requested by FileHold customers. You can create other reports as needed, or FileHold consulting can create them for you at an additional cost.