Adding Courier templates to a schema

Once the Courier template has been created, a library administrator can assign the template to the schema. Several Courier templates can be added to the same schema if needed.

In order to make a Courier template available to end users for initiation, it must first be associated with a document schema. Users can only initiate Courier templates that are appropriate to the type of document on which they are working. For example, a “Contract Approval” Courier template is associated with a Contracts document schema.

To add a Courier template to a schema

  1. In the Web Client, go to Administration Panel > Library Configuration> Document Schemas > Schema Name > Step 5 Courier.
    • In FDA, go to Administration > Manage Schemas > Document Schemas > Schema Name > Courier tab.
  2. In the list of Available Courier Templates, select the template name and click Add to Schema. Add as many Courier templates as needed.
  3. In the Courier template associated with this schema area, set the order of the Courier templates using the Order field or delete the template by clicking X.
  4. Click Save to save the changes or click Next to set the Custom Naming for the schema.