Watched Folders

Watched Folders provide a way to automatically move electronic files into the document management system.  Users can pre-set a path to the watched folder and are free from waiting to manually transfer files into the system.

Watched folders create a kind of direct line that allows users to place their documents into the watched folders and from there they are automatically sent to the document management system. Using the FileHold Desktop Application, users can create as many watched folders as they need. When a user creates a Watched Folder, the files that are placed there can be associated with a document schema and metadata and then sent either to the Inbox or mapped directly to a folder in the library.

The FileHold desktop application can be configured to watch different areas of  the network for recently scanned or saved records and queue them for importation into the electronic library. After records are imported the original source files can be removed to avoid content duplication.

The watched folder utility is ideal for importing scanned files outputted from scanners, digital copier, fax machines or multi-function centers that are configured to scan records to the network. The diagram below illustrates the functionality of a watched folder.

Watched Folders in the Document Management System

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