FileHold 16 Release

FileHold 16

Each new release of FileHold document management software brings new features and product improvements. The following is a summary of the new or improved features that were added in FileHold 16.0 to 16.3 that support the implementation of the paperless office. For a more detailed description of the features, read the release guide. For a demonstration of our new features, sign up for a free webinar.

Assembling Documents – New

Construct new PDF documents based on existing documents in the library. Tags can also be strategically placed with Microsoft Word documents to insert information into the assembled PDF document. Add watermarks to your documents. FileHold viewer level 2 is needed for this feature.

FileHold Viewers – Enhanced

The FileHold viewers functionality has been extended to support additional file types, search and highlight search results, view bookmarks, and manipulate pages such as page rotation, inserting and deleting pages. Annotations can be with a level 2 viewer. Pre-set annotations can also be created for repetitive use. Four pre-set annotations are available "out of the box". Comments are available for level 2 and 3 viewers which can be directed to specific users. The level 3 viewer adds redaction which can be used to conceal sensitive information.

FileHold Desktop Application Icons - New

The FileHold Desktop Application (FDA) got a face lift with new toolbar icons: Add file, Add Offline, check out, assemble documents, Courier documents, delete, link, download a copy, and email.

Workflow Task Completion Interface - New

When completing task such as reviewing or approving documents or sending documents for external signature, a new interface can be used for a more clean and friendly experience that provides more workflow details to the user. For example, task details, activity title, and previous workflow activities, comments, and actions can be seen on the same screen. Alternatively, the old interface can still be used.

Guest Users and Guest Portal Changes – Enhanced

In previous versions, the concept of “guest users” and the “guest portal” was a source of confusion for many users. The process for creating guest users and the guest portal has now been streamlined and terminology has been updated.

Quick Check-in

In a Microsoft Office Application, clicking the Quick check-in button bypasses the FileHold Office Client (FOC) window. The file is saved if needed and added to FileHold without further prompt.

Adobe Acrobat Sign Integration – New

The new integration provides a method to use Adobe Acrobat Sign as a part of a FileHold workflow with documents stored in FileHold. This custom feature is dependent on the customer contracting directly with Adobe for their e-signature services.

Workflow One-time Review Activity – New

A new activity called “one-time review” allows a user to insert a review task "ad hoc" during a workflow process. This allows a workflow participant to request changes from any user ad hoc before they complete their own task.

Workflow Information - New

The My Tasks list can be filtered by workflow template name. This gives users the ability to focus on a particular list of tasks quickly and easily. A new and improved workflow dashboard that is interactive. The administration workflow status report has additional filters that can be "pinned" in place for reuse.

Workflow Email Notifications - Enhanced

Workflow notifications have been updated to include comments from participants, direct download links to feedback attachments, and activity titles and descriptions. Workflow statuses and due dates are colour-coded. Links have been updated to include the FileHold Desktop Application, Web Client and Mobile FileHold.

Multi-factor Authentication – New

If you need additional security when accessing the FileHold application, the new multi-factor authentication feature strengthens access security by requiring two methods to verify a user’s identity. FileHold supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) with the Duo ( “Trusted Users” service.

Search By Fields in Metadata Pane – New

Now when configuring database drop-down lists, up to four “search by” fields can be set to help users choose the correct value from the drop-down list. For example, when putting employee information into the system, the lookup is done on the unique employee number field but remembering the employee number for each employee is not practical. Now the user can see the employee’s first and last name, title, and department to ensure the correct employee number is selected.

Multiple Parameter Lookups on a Schema – New

Now up to five lookup parameters can now be configured in a schema lookup with the custom query option enabled. This allows users to use more than one metadata field value in their custom query. In previous versions, only one lookup per schema was allowed.

Schema Lookups - Enhanced

Schema lookups can now be performed on more than one document at a time. For example, if you are adding or modifying five documents with the same project number, and you have a lookup configured to use the project number, the lookup can be completed on all five documents at a time.

Date and Time - Enhanced

In this release, each user can control their time zone. If a user in Berlin adds a document at 4 pm, a user in New York will see it has been added at 11 am. In previous versions, most dates were formatted in the US regional style. The only exception was for metadata fields where administrators had full control. Now, users and administrators can set the date and time formatting for how the dates and times they see in the system.

Using Merge Tags with Microsoft Word Document Properties - New

The ability to link metadata and system values using merge tags to the document properties in a Microsoft Word document is available. When the document is downloaded or viewed, the current metadata values are displayed in the document.

Export Scripts - New

FileHold data can be automatically exported to other systems upon a workflow activity completion. For example, invoices can be sent to an ERP or accounting system to help automate invoice processing.

Auto-filing Templates - New

In this release, library administrators or higher roles can apply auto-filing to document schemas by configuring auto-filing templates using a browser-based management interface. The custom or out-of-the-box auto-filing script are still available for use.

PDF/Tiff Compression for non-OCR'd documents - New

FileHold supports compression for PDF and TIFF files that have not gone through the server-side OCR process. This is controlled by the license setting “Image/PDF compression”.

Linking by Metadata Field Values - New

FileHold has the ability to show documents in the Linked Documents panel that are related by: a metadata field value in all schemas, a metadata field value and matching schema, and a metadata field value and not match the schema. Documents with matching metadata field values are shown in the Linked documents pane.

Users List – Enhanced

A new Users List has been implemented in the new style of report. It can now be modified to add or remove columns, resize or change the order of the columns, sort ascending or descending, filter the results, and save these different views. A mass edit screen allows you to update multiple user accounts at once. Domain users have the option to be added with a “full user”, “limited”, or “portal alias” license type.

There are a number of other smaller new features and enhancements which can be found in the release guides. To learn more about any of the new features, contact [email protected]