FileHold 15 Release Highlights

FileHold 15

Each new release of FileHold document management software brings new features and product improvements. The following is a summary of the new or improved features that were added in FileHold 15 that support the implementation of the paperless office. For a more detailed description of the features, read the release guide. For a demonstration of our new features, sign up for a free webinar.

New - FileHold Courier

FileHold Courier is here! Need to send documents customers, partners, contractors, or associates securely? FileHold Courier allows you to transmit documents for viewing or approving to people inside or outside the FileHold system. Courier is a “proof of delivery” system where unlike email it is a secure method of sending documents. With email there is no way to know if the documents ever arrived or if the attachment could be opened by the recipient. With Courier, recipients are notified by email containing a secure link which is then fully tracked and logged in FileHold. Documents that are PDF, image or DOCX type files can be viewed directly in Courier!

New - FileHold Viewer

The FileHold viewer allows you to view PDF, DOCX, and image files in both the FileHold Desktop Application and Web Client. You can also upgrade the FileHold viewer to allow you to do annotations such as highlights, stamps, text, and sticky notes. Each user license purchased comes with the FileHold level 1 viewer.  

New - System Administration Dashboard

The system administration dashboard provides metrics about the operation and usage of the system. The dashboard is viewable by the system administrator or all users if configured. The elements or tiles in the dashboard displays a consolidated view of the following information: system license, repository, full text search, user sessions, library statistics, and Courier licenses.

Enhanced - Searching

A few new enhancements have been added to the search feature:

  • Search performance log — The search performance log is a way to record the searches that are being run in the system. Since FileHold does not restrict how users conduct their searches, this log can help the FileHold support team and customers pinpoint any search issues that can occur from time to time.
  • “Contains” or “Does not Contain” Type Searches — A new search type for “contains”- type searches can be restricted to searching only the metadata (database search). This aids in narrowing down search results especially in very large library situations. The full text index search can still be used in "contains"-type searches.
  • Limiting full text indexing to specific file formats — The full text search index can now be limited to only index certain file types in the system. This will ignore all other file extensions from being indexed. This can prevent from having a potentially very large full text search index that does not contain much search value.

Preview - WebCap

New technology has allowed us to remove the per server charges for our web scanning feature, WebCap. which is a web-based scanning feature that allows remote users to scan documents via a web browser without the need of additional scanning software installed. Remote users can scan and store documents into the FileHold repository from anywhere they have access to the internet and a scanner.

New - View Only Users

Groups with a role of read-only or guest can have the document download and print functions restricted. If these functions are restricted then the only way to view a document is through the use of a FileHold viewer. Printing functionality through the viewer is also disabled.

Enhanced - Resetting User Passwords

User passwords can now be reset in several ways. Individual users can now reset their own password or request their usernames from the log in screen. System administrators can also change passwords en masse from the Users list. Users changing their passwords receive an email containing a secure, time-sensitive link.

New - Clearing Metadata Field Values at Check-In

Metadata field values can now be cleared on an individual basis in a particular schema.  This feature is useful when metadata fields such as “Comments” or “Status” needs to be changed for each version.

Enhanced - Database Drop-downs

When configuring a database drop-down metadata field, a Prevent Deletion check box is now available so that existing values in metadata fields are never removed even when deleted from the source database when enabled.

Enhanced - License Requests

System administrators now have a simpler way to request a new license in the event that one is required by clicking “Request a license” from the License information page.

Enhanced - Workflow Passwords

There is now the option to allow workflow template designers to decide if they would like to force end users to enter their password when completing a review or not force them to enter their password when completing an approval.

New - Converting an Electronic Document into a Record after a Workflow is Completed

Any main documents can be converted into electronic records automatically after a workflow has been completed. This process locks the document from any further changes being made.

New - Converting a Document to a PDF after a Workflow Activity is Completed

Any main documents can be converted to a PDF format after any step in the workflow process. Associated workflow or metadata information can optionally be appended to the end of the PDF as a new page. Information such as the approver name, approval date, workflow name, document name, metadata field values, and so on can be added with the use of PDF converter templates. 

Enhanced - Mass Workflow Delegations

Workflow tasks can be easily filtered and selected en masse for delegations to help manage employee changes and vacations. A similar feature has been added to allow administrators to delegate workflow initiators.

FileHold 15 Release Guides

There are a number of other smaller new features and enhancements which can be found in the release guides. To learn more about any of the new features, contact sales@filehold.com.

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