FileHold adds Customer Forms (and a lot more) Portal to its product offering

FileHold is pleased to announce the release of a complimentary product to its core FileHold document management software. The FileHold Customer Forms Portal (CFP) is an exciting new product that allows organizations to submit PDF forms (or other documents) into the FileHold repository through a customer facing Portal.

March 18, 2022 (FPRC) -- The concept of the CFP is to provide an easy way for anyone, who can access to the internet, to download a PDF form from the Portal. Forms such as a job application, a tax form, a healthcare record, an insurance form, or an expense report – whatever forms an organization chooses to add to the Portal are available. Once the form has been downloaded, it can be completed and submitted back into the portal using techniques as simple as “drag and drop”.

Once submitted into the Portal, the form moves into the FileHold repository where, if it is a PDF, metadata can be extracted (FileHold extraction rules), auto-filing will put the form into the correct folder in the library, alerts and notifications can be sent out, and a document workflow and approval process can be initiated. For example, a job application form automatically gets routed to the Human Resources department.

Larry Oliver, President of FileHold, said, "To keep things as simple as possible, the Portal can be used by either an “anonymous” or “registered” user. For registered users, there is a secure registration process and an audit trail is kept of their history of form submission into the portal. We believe this can be a huge productivity gain to eliminate paper processes and automate the submission of the many different types of forms organizations have. While the initial focus is on automating forms processing, it is entirely possible that any document such as driver’s licenses, paystubs, and so on, can be uploaded for additional processing and secure storage in FileHold.”

FileHold would be happy to arrange a private demonstration or you can learn more about CFP at For anyone interested in a general overview of FileHold document management software capabilities, join one of our public webinars to see FileHold in action. Register for a public demonstration of document management software.

FileHold empowers both desk-bound and mobile workers to store and find their important documents, including e-mail, while maintaining tight version control and managed workflow. FileHold is deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud as a fully supported solution. FileHold Systems Inc, is a privately owned, Microsoft Gold certified, manufacturer of document management and workflow software for mid to large size organizations. There are over 40,000 seats of FileHold software in production throughout the world. FileHold software is the fast track to the “paperless office”, is easy to use, interfaces with third party applications, is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office yet remains affordable.

For more information contact Larry Oliver of FileHold Systems ( or 604-734-5653.