Analysis and Organization of Unstructured Text

Document management software manufacturer FileHold Systems

announces a relationship with Cirilab to automate the process of analyzing and structuring large amounts of unstructured text and transitioning it into a secure, searchable document library.

Cirilab has developed Content Analysis tools that accelerate the process of deciphering and extracting the relevant knowledge contained in individual documents. These tools immediately reveal to knowledge workers exactly what a document is about, the main concepts it covers, and what knowledge it provides on those concepts. Using the data captured from this analysis (”Semantic Tags”) the documents are then imported into FileHold document management software and the schematic tags are captured as metadata about the documents. The end result is the mass conversion of unstructured text into a user friendly, secure, version controlled library assembled into knowledge silos. Once in FileHold the documents can be linked to other documents, be put into workflows for sharing and collaboration, or redacted for controlled distribution.

Let The Documents Express Themselves! What researchers and knowledge managers want is a way to access documents based on what they are interested in, not what some search engine wants them to see! Ron Carriere, President of Cirilab, said, “Our company takes a very different approach; we allow each document to express its own thematic content through a Knowledge Signature™. With a Cirilab Knowledge Map™ we simply combine all of the Knowledge Signatures™ of individual documents into one thematic hierarchical representation of the entire collection. A Cirilab Knowledge Map™ can be created from almost any repository of unstructured text.”

Larry Oliver, President of FileHold said, “There are many companies who have been collecting information for years. Research organizations or mining companies, for example, generate a massive amount of textual data that can be difficult to review and digest using traditional methods. The combination of Cirilab content analysis and FileHold document management software automates the structuring of this textual data and make it accessible in a user friendly environment. FileHold provides many ways to move documents from file cabinets or from central or distributed hard drives into the FileHold repository including document scanning and imaging, drag and drop, mass importation, direct from print drivers, e-forms and e-mail extraction. This new ability to analyze unstructured content and move it into FileHold without user intervention opens up new opportunities to help organizations struggling to organize textual data.”

About FileHold Systems

FileHold, is a privately owned, Microsoft Gold certified, manufacturer of affordable document management software with over 10,000 seats in production throughout the world. FileHold software is the fast track to the “Paperless Office”, is easy to use, easily interfaces with third party applications and is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office and SharePoint. FileHold empowers workers to store and find their important documents, including e-mail and e-forms, while maintaining tight version control and managed workflow. Sign up for a free public demonstration of document management software webinar.