FileHold Systems Expands

FileHold Systems Inc. the manufacturer of affordable “Paperless Office” software has announced a number of initiatives to help business and government better understand how the paperless office can reduce costs, improve productivity, and contribute to a greener workspace.

Larry Oliver, President of FileHold Systems, said “We have over 8,000 users of our “Paperless Office” software in large to small businesses and in government. These customers keep their intellectual property secure and empower their users to organise and share information electronically. We help business and government to be greener by reducing their dependency on paper-based information.”

The new programs at FileHold to help people understand the benefits of going paperless include:

  • An updated web site that includes a Resources section /resources of White Papers and Case Studies that help prospective users relate to the benefits of document management software. The site includes video tours and a section on Business Solutions /business-solutions for vertical markets
  • The inclusion of document management training videos on YouTube to educate about important features such as Search, Virtual Folders, Microsoft Office integration and ease of use
  • Free Webinars for prospects, customers, and partners to introduce the benefits and cost justification of going paperless.
  • Additions and realignments of FileHold staff in sales, marketing, communications, and partner relationships to ensure more and better communication to organisations who want to create a greener workspace.

FileHold software makes the dream of the paperless office a reality. FileHold has lowered the traditionally high cost and user complexity of this software solution by reducing implementation time and by making the software easy and intuitive. The company is extending services in the educational market so more organisations can know how easy it is to achieve an efficient, paperless work environment.

About FileHold Systems

FileHold, is a privately owned, Microsoft Gold, manufacturer of affordable document management software. FileHold software; the fast track to the “Paperless Office”, is easy to use, easily interfaces with third party applications and is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office and SharePoint. FileHold empowers workers to store and find their important documents, including e-mail, while maintaining tight version control and managed workflow. Sign up for a free public demonstration of document management software.