FileHold Improves Productivity for Global Customers

FileHold document management software is proud to announce the release of FileHold 12 with even more powerful features that automate the organization of electronic information to create a secure, version controlled, centrally managed repository of an organisations' intellectual property. FileHold 12 is the 7th major product update since it was introduced to the marketplace in June 2006. FileHold customers will be receiving the upgrades at no charge as a part of their “total care” FileCare program.

FileHold document management software allows organisations to manage the never ending growth of paper-based and electronic information including fax, e-mail, and documents in any format. FileHold is a Microsoft based product that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and SharePoint and allows users to access documents, over the internet, from anywhere in the world.

Larry Oliver, President of FileHold, announced today that “The Company has released FileHold 12 with new features that make the promise of a paperless office a reality.” The Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Dr Jacek Lipowski said, “We have spent more than a year of effort on FileHold 12 and with this new release, we have raised the bar in the document management industry with features that can help improve processes in every facet of an organisation.”

FileHold listens to its customers. The new features are in direct response to real world customer requests to be even more productive. New features include the ability to extract file properties from any file type into the metadata fields (indexing fields) as they are added to the document repository. Workflow enhancements include more participants in a workflow process and to automatically “kick off” a workflow without manual intervention. The addition of multiple storage repositories allow for archiving an arbitrarily large number of documents. Enhanced reporting features give customers more ability to monitor usage, extract business intelligence, and monitor compliance. A new low cost PDF/Image viewer allows users to reorder pages and append PDFs or images to existing documents. Extracting information from Microsoft Word E-forms into metadata fields automatically save organisations time and money by collecting variable digital information from forms such as expense reports.

The world is going digital. FileHold leads the way in providing affordable but powerful document management software to private and public organisations who want to go paperless, stay in regulatory compliance, and protect their most valuable electronic assets.