"DataRoom" for Merger and Acquisitions

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – FileHold Systems Inc. www.filehold.com, a developer of advanced document and record management software has launched “DataRoom” – an easy to use and affordable electronic filing system so that companies can create, and securely share, electronic M&A information. FileHold Electronic DataRoom software is installed on a companies own servers for in-house control and security.

Record and document management is an essential activity of all business – using the FileHold DataRoom companies can easily create and organise a secure, compliant, repository for all their electronic records. DataRoom enables negotiating parties to analyze M&A materials in a secure controlled environment. Confidentiality is paramount and strict controls for viewing, copying and printing are imposed through a multi level, user rights system.

Larry Oliver, President of FileHold said: “FileHold can help any organisation manage electronic documents and records but will be specifically helpful for those who have M&A activity in their plans. The days of photocopying and compiling paper based financial records, business contracts and HR documents into 3 ring binders is past. With DataRoom; all of these documents and records can be created and stored in electronic form. The FileHold DataRoom comes preconfigured with an industry standard due diligence filing structure for M&A documents. When due diligence begins these materials can be made available at a moments notice to anyone, anywhere in the world, via the internet. Just as importantly; access can be terminated instantly and a complete audit trail of who looked at the documents is maintained. In the past the M&A due diligence process consisted of auditors and accountants invading the office: disrupting employees and the flow of business. With FileHold Electronic DataRoom complete due diligence can be performed remotely with no visible indication to employees and no disruption of business.”

DataRoom software is based on modern Microsoft “Gold certified” technologies that every IT department is familiar with. DataRoom is easy to install, easy to use and easy to manage. DataRoom supports 300 document scanner types so paper can be scanned and converted in house to electronic form for confidentiality. Electronic documents; including e-mail, sitting on existing servers and desktops, can be imported into DataRoom to form a complete M&A index (often increasing internal security). DataRoom allows users to make notes and annotations on documents and maintain all versions of the original with strict version control. An optional feature is “redaction” that allow users to “black out” and password protect sensitive information.

FileHold Systems is a privately owned, Microsoft Gold certified, company that develops and markets Electronic Document Management (EDM) software. FileHold software is a modern document and record management solution that incorporates powerful, but easy to use, interfaces with bulletproof security and document storage capabilities. FileHold empowers the workers of mid sized businesses, departments of large companies and various levels of Government to create share and collaborate electronically on all of their important documents while maintaining tight version control and managed workflow.

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