FileHold Software to Help Business and Government

FileHold Systems releases FileHold’06 Document and Record Management Lifecycle Software to help business and government bring the rapidly growing proliferation of paper and electronic information under control.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; FileHold Systems Inc, a developer of advanced document and record management software has announced today the release of FileHold’06 software that allows companies and governments of any size to create a secure library for critical corporate documents and records and manage those documents throughout their lifecycle.

FileHold’06 was designed and developed from the ground up based on years of customer experience in the document management domain. It was built on Microsoft’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which allows the software to scale to support thousands of users, millions of files and an infinite number of documents.

Ian Booth, Vice President of Product, stated “It is not often a company gets a chance to design a new software product with no rules or limitations from previous development. We were able to make use of very advanced software development tools from Microsoft that were in “beta” when we started. It was a bit of a risk but it paid of big time in allowing us to exceed our own expectations relative to the features we could deliver in the timeframes we had set for ourselves. These tools have given us productivity advantages that streamlined development from design through to testing. A side advantage of adopting the Microsoft tools is that Microsoft embraced us and supported us through their advanced Touchdown, Ascend and Deep Dive programs at the Redmond campus. Access to this Microsoft information ensured FileHold’06 is ready for both the present and the future.”

Cameron Siguenza, Vice President of Customer Service, and FileHold liaison with its customer community stated “Over the years I have consulted with hundreds of companies and thousands of users of document storage software about both their business processes and their technology preferences. I was able to bring that knowledge into the design process at the beginning and I was able to stay involved throughout. There were many situations when we went back to our customer community and our partners to get endorsement of a product feature decision we had made. We always listened and always responded to the user community. I am happy to report that FileHold’06 has exceeded the expectations to everyone that I have presented it to in the pre-release phase.”

About FileHold Systems

FileHold Systems is a privately owned company that was formed for the purpose of developing, a modern Microsoft based document and record management software solution that incorporates powerful, but easy to use, interfaces with bulletproof security and document storage capabilities. FileHold document management software empowers the workers of mid sized businesses, departments of large companies and various levels of Government to create share and collaborate electronically on all of their important documents while maintaining tight version control and managed workflow.

For further information contact Larry Oliver at 604-273-5653 [email protected]  .