FetchDocs Web-Based, Document Management Service

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; FileHold Systems Inc, a developer of advanced document and record management software has announced that FetchDocs a subsidiary of Integrated Data Communication Systems, Inc. (IDCS, Inc) has chosen FileHold to power their new electronic document management service bureau.

FetchDocs offers its customers an array of services; document scanning, review, automatic transmittal of documents to FetchDocs servers, and easy document retrieval anytime over a secure website. FetchDocs provides a highly secure environment through the use of firewalls, encryption, daily offsite data backups, and disaster recovery plans. Services include installation guidance, on-line and personal training, and problem resolution.

At the core of the FetchDocs offering is a specially modified version of FileHold document management software that provides for the digitization, organization, and backup of confidential document information. The system allows customers to use their own scanners / imagers to convert paper documents into electronic files and store them on the FetchDocs server. Powerful metadata indexing and full text search technologies allow customers to categorize and retrieve these files with ease.

John Gunder, President of FetchDocs, said “we are introducing a service that supports the full life cycles of our customer’s documents; we know we are eliminating expensive storage space used to store paper and files. As we assembled the various components of our system we chose FileHold’06 to power the document management component. FileHold’06 was chosen because of its modern Microsoft environment, advanced search capabilities but most importantly a “rich” desktop user interface that makes importation of electronic documents easy even in a browser environment.

Cameron Siguenza, Vice President of Customer Services at FileHold said “FetchDocs has been a pleasure to work with. They had a vision of an advanced document management system that would provide their customers with powerful capabilities yet still be easy to use. We are pleased that FileHold’06 was selected and forms the core of this system. FetchDocs is filling a need in the marketplace for businesses that want the benefit of electronic document management but do not want to install and support their own in house system.”

About the Document Management software Company

FileHold Systems is a privately owned company that was formed for the purpose of developing and marketing, a modern Microsoft based document and record management software solution that incorporates powerful, but easy to use, interfaces with bulletproof security and document storage capabilities. FileHold document management software empowers the workers of mid sized businesses, departments of large companies and various levels of Government to create share and collaborate electronically on all of their important documents while maintaining tight version control and managed workflow.

For further information contact Larry Oliver at 604-273-5653 [email protected]  .