Document Management Software Website Launched

FileHold Systems launches the FileHold web site creating a Document and Record Management Knowledge Centre.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; FileHold Systems Inc, a developer of advanced document and record management software has announced today that it has launched its new web site and other collateral marketing material to support the release of FileHold’06.

The company has adopted “Document and Record Lifecycle Management” as the theme throughout its marketing material. In addition to the all new web site the company has created product specification sheets, technical literature and tools that make it easy for potential customers to evaluate FileHold’06 and make a buying decision.

Ian Booth Vice President of product stated “The web site is much more than a marking tool for FileHold Systems; it is designed to be a resource centre for companies looking for important information on electronic document storage. Companies today want to get control of the proliferation of electronic documents and records building up on their storage servers and on their employee’s desktops. The idea of the paperless office is a complex topic and we wanted to provide a library of information. To make electronic document management understandable we have broken the document lifecycle into components that start at document creation and end at document disposition. We have provided both highly technical and business process information that will give our prospects and customers practical guidance on product selection and implementation. The new web site has also given us an opportunity to showcase our technology partners and our international Premium Re-sellers who are an important part of our total solution delivery”

Larry Oliver, President, stated “A strong web presence is a critical part of the FileHold business plan. We have invested in advanced search engine marketing (SEM) techniques that ensure our web site is found by customers searching for document management software, via internet search engines. Once we get prospects to our site we offer great content that will keep them there and encourage registration for our advanced product demonstrations.”

About FileHold Systems

FileHold Systems is a privately owned company that was formed for the purpose of developing FileHold document management software, a modern Microsoft based document and record management software solution that incorporates powerful, but easy to use, interfaces with bulletproof security and document storage capabilities. FileHold empowers the workers of mid sized businesses, departments of large companies and various levels of Government to create share and collaborate electronically on all of their important documents while maintaining tight version control and managed workflow.

For further information contact Larry Oliver at 604-273-5653 [email protected]  .