Document Management Software Market Needs

New software venture to address the growing needs of electronic document management and the paperless office.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - FileHold Systems has been formed to create an advanced Integrated Document Management (IDM) software product. Integrated Document Management is a term used to describe the technologies, tools, and methods used to capture, manage, store, preserve, deliver and dispose of 'documents' across an enterprise. In this context 'Documents' can be used to describe a myriad of information assets including images, office documents, graphics and drawings as well as the new electronic objects such as Web pages, email, instant messages and video.

FileHold Systems new product, known as FileHold , will address the marketplace identified by the Gartner Group's Magic Quadrant as Electronic Content Management (ECM). FileHold will deliver five of the six core ECM components:

  • Document management for check-in/checkout, version control, security and library services for business documents
  • Records management for legal or regulatory purposes, long-term archiving, and automation of retention and compliance policies
  • Document capture and document imaging for capturing and managing paper documents
  • Document-centric collaboration for document sharing and supporting project teams
  • Workflow for supporting business processes and routing content, assigning work tasks and states, and creating audit trails

Document input and management is known as "enterprise content management." According to Forrester research, the market for ECM-license software will exceed $3.9 billion in 2008.

The company will focus its marketing efforts at an ignored market segment for this software; the medium sized business, departments of large companies and operational divisions of Government. FileHold is a web based application, Gartner predicts that the impact of web services will continue to grow and by 2006, 45 percent of U.S. companies will be using some form of Web services.

FileHold will take FileHold to market through direct, internet based; sales activities and a network of Value Added Re-sellers (VARs) in strategic parts of the world.

About the Company

FileHold Systems is a privately owned company that was formed for the purpose of developing FileHold, a modern Microsoft based document and record management software solution that incorporates powerful, but easy to use, interfaces with bulletproof security and document storage capabilities. FileHold empowers the workers of mid sized businesses, departments of large companies and various levels of Government to create share and collaborate electronically on all of their important documents while maintaining tight version control and managed workflow

For further information contact Larry Oliver at 604-734-5653 or [email protected]