Welcome to FileHold

FileHold is dedicated to: innovation in our software development, commitment to customer satisfaction, and trust in our abilities as we deliver affordable Document and Record Management Software  to our global customer base.

Commitment to Software Excellence

The company has an unwavering commitment to the needs of our clients. Our work is all about the creation of software that provides ever increasing value to our customers. We achieve this through constant product improvement and boundless innovation.  Beyond our customers we focus on the development of our employees and being a responsible corporate citizen in our community.

We are - Nimble and Knowledgeable: We are an owner operated company. We treat every customer as a valued asset and we respond in a personal and agile way to satisfy both standard and unique customer requirements. Our employee competencies are unsurpassed. 

We are user-centric - Software for "real world" customer needs: The company provides an electronic document management software solution that is easy to install, configure, administer and support. The software is configured and deployed in hours not weeks and integrates seamlessly into a customer's environment.  The company is very proud of it global customer base: document management software customers.

We believe - Users should be in control:  We provide the means for the corporate librarian to centrally control the document vocabulary or metadata (data about data). This ensures standardized document naming conventions and search parameters allowing a company to rally around a simple common language for describing the content contained within their electronic software library.

We understand document management software does not work alone - For that reason we provide a no charge fully documented Web services API including coding examples to help organizations integrate 3rd party applications with our software.  We also provide optional "off the shelf'  features that give the ability to search for documents in FileHold or add documents to FileHold from any 3rd party applications.

We support the Microsoft user community - Seamlessly integrate into Microsoft SharePoint, Active Directory and Microsoft Office to deliver essential, electronic document, record and workflow features.  The FileHold software includes: version control, disposition management, multi-tiered file-level authorization control, rules based subscription and notifications engine, document workflow, and document-to-document relationship management. To read more go to  Microsoft based technologies.

Thank you for your interest in our company.   I encourage you to participate in our free public, friendly free webinar demonstration.  I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Larry Oliver, President