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Document management solution for Property Management

A three year survey of property management companies reported that the number one issue is the rising amount of paperwork they have to deal with!

The top 2 issues facing property management companies are:

  1. Increasing paperwork: keeping on top of bills and rental income
  2. Staying legal: keeping track of safety certificates and legal documents

Property management comes with the responsibility of managing not only the property itself but also involves the maintenance and administration of essential documents. These documents can include assessments, improvements, maintenance, tenant information, and so on. These types of documents can be easily lost or misplaced when in paper format. With document management software, all of this essential information can be stored in a secure repository ensuring quick and efficient retrieval.

FileHold Software for Property Management

Document management software can help centralize and manage:

  • Tenant billing and payments
  • Property repairs and engineering reports
  • Property related information such as insurance, maintenance, and utilities
  • Strata documents
  • Vacation properties and rentals

Go Paperless

Paper-based processes related to property management can be costly. Eliminate these costs and manual processes using a electronic filing system where documents can be accessed in  seconds thereby reducing costs and saving time. Get automated reminders of contract renewal dates, put contracts into electronic workflow for review and approval, keep a detailed audit trail of every contract revision, eliminate floor space by eliminating paper.

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