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Posted date: 2015-03-12

As we all know the amount of information that we need to deal with continues to grow; we are bombarded with e-mail and other forms of electronic communication on a daily basis. If all of this information was on paper there would be absolutely no way to manage it. In that electronic information is now the medium of choice there is really no alternative but to create an organized and secure electronic information repository.

Posted date: 2015-03-05

We've recently had a customer contact and ask the question: "Are barcode cover sheets created within FileHold or Kodak Capture Pro?"

The answer to that question is neither. Whether you are using EMC Captiva QuickScan Pro, Kodak Capture Pro, or other scanning software, your own barcode cover sheets will need to be generated. This post discusses how to create barcode cover sheets for scanning.

Posted date: 2015-02-26

I often find myself attempting to explain to friends and acquaintances what FileHold software does. At the highest level FileHold helps organizations eliminate paper processes (go paperless) and make their electronic intellectual property secure. I have found this is rarely a specific enough answer that really helps someone understand the capabilities of FileHold.

In the real world organizations rarely approach us articulating such lofty goals and expectations, they are much more practical and have a specific single business issue in mind that they want to fix.

Posted date: 2015-02-19

In FileHold 14, a new type of saved search called a quick search was added as a new feature. A quick search is a type of saved search where the search template is saved with only one empty variable in the template. When a user runs a quick search, they are required to enter the search term for a single empty variable while all other search criteria, if configured, remain fixed.

Posted date: 2015-02-13

FileHold provides four types of document lifecycle events to support common retention policies: convert the document to a record, archive the document, delete the document, or notify users about an arbitrary condition.

Posted date: 2015-02-06

Some great new changes have been made to the viewer functionality in the FileHold Desktop Application. You can now change the library tree and the metadata pane so that they are in full or partial mode. This allows you to see more or less information when viewing your documents.

When the viewer is open, the Full and Partial buttons appear. Using Full mode for the metadata pane is useful when looking at a document and entering metadata at the same time.

Posted date: 2015-01-27

A prospective customer asked us about the differences in document loading speeds between using the Web Client interface (via a web browser) and the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA) interface when adding documents to FileHold. A great question!

Russ Beinder, Director of Development at FileHold, replied:

Posted date: 2015-01-22

2014 was a great year for our global partner network. So much so that we had a hard time choosing our partner of the year winner. Many factors such as partner sales, the ability to directly support their customers, and sustainability of customers all play an important roll in determining who should win. It was concluded that since there was more than one partner that stood out last year, that we are awarding not one but two partner of the year awards!

Posted date: 2015-01-21

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11 regulation defines the criteria under which electronic records and electronic signatures are considered to be a trustworthy equivalent to paper records. 21 CFR Part 11 provides guidelines and regulations related to copying, permissions, audit logs and tracking, version control, and the application of electronic signatures to electronic documents in the United States.


Posted date: 2014-02-03

by FileHold Software Staff

FileHold document management software has received a high overall score of 8 out of 10 from GetApp!

GetApp, an independent marketplace that helps businesses discover, compare, review and purchase business applications, today announced it has awarded a high rating to FileHold, a document management software solution for organizations of any size.

FileHold achieved the following ratings: