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Posted date: 2013-12-23

by Russ Beinder

We recently had a customer inquiry on how confidential and sensitive documents can be permanently deleted — and not just from FileHold but also from any backups.

Posted date: 2013-12-13

After almost 2 years of development FileHold’14 is officially released!

It has been a long journey and a lot of hard work by all members of the Development Team and the QA Team. Thank you all for your great effort!

Posted date: 2013-10-29

Atalasoft has published a case study on FileHold and their our new web scanning feature, WebCap.

An excerpt from the article:

Posted date: 2013-10-02

Mobile FileHold is coming! It will be released in the next version of the document management software. We are pretty psyched about this new "app". It's not technically an "app" but it's like an app. It runs on Safari on your iPhone 5 and Chrome on your Samsung Ace II devices. However, Mobile FileHold is HTML 5 based so many other types of devices may work correctly even if they are not officially supported.

Posted date: 2013-08-30

Learn more about FileHold document management software:  the company, its clients, business philosophy and more in the following interview conducted by GetApp with FileHold’s president,  Larry Oliver.   

Posted date: 2013-05-29

It's here! FileHold WebCap is the new optional feature that allows you to scan into the document management repository from anywhere you have internet access and a scanner without the need of scanning software. All that is required is a scanner, a TWAIN scanner driver and the browser plug-in. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers are all supported.

Posted date: 2013-03-04

The Spanish language pack for FileHold document management software is now released! To help support our customers who speak Spanish, the Spanish Language pack is fully supported and marketed by FileHold and comes as a standard no charge feature.

Posted date: 2013-02-22

Look no further! FileHold has conducted some tests on scanning compression levels to see what works best for readability and OCR suitability.

Read  scanning test results and the produced images in the knowledge base for the full article.

Posted date: 2013-02-06

FileHold has several different ways to get files into the document management system:

Adding files to the Inbox. Adding files directly to the folder. Adding the entire contents of a local or network folder. Adding Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) using the Add-ins. Dragging and dropping from Windows Explorer. Dragging and dropping from Microsoft Outlook. Watched Folders. Manage Imports.

... and the list goes on.

Posted date: 2013-01-18


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