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Posted date: 2017-06-05

The e-form processing in FileHold helps you maximize efficiency with routine tasks.

The Pain

You are head of your organization’s HR department. Each day, you have a dozen new applications on your desk, both emails with resumes and hand-written applications and you need to be able to have them be organized and accessible for other departments.

Posted date: 2017-05-23

Your document workflow can be managed and monitored by the same secure application software that organizes and controls your documents.

The Pain

Your project needs to make a badly needed purchase but your organization requires sign-offs from middle managers in multiple departments. Getting those signatures takes time and that may jeopardize your project.

Posted date: 2017-05-10

For those of you with FileHold 14 or the few left on FileHold 12, now is a great time to upgrade. The version 15.2 minor release continues the vision of FileHold 15 with some enhanced features, improved technology under the covers, features that lower your cost of ownership, and a bug fix here and there.

Posted date: 2017-05-08

How to get your confidential and time sensitive documents transmitted, for review and approval, to clients, business partners, and customers outside of your organization.

The Pain

You emailed the document across town for your client to approve. Did they receive it? Did someone else read it? Did their IT department screen the attachment into the trash? Now, you get to spend your time on the phone to make sure – annoying your diligent clients and ignoring the rest.

Posted date: 2017-05-08

FileHold DMS clients use standard internet protocols to access the server and it is increasingly common for customers to want access to FileHold over the internet. In some cases, this is the only way the server will be accessed. This generally means you will use the HTTPS protocol to encrypt your data and that requires some extra configuration on your FileHold server.

Posted date: 2017-04-28

Integrating FileHold with a database is a great way to take advantage of single-sourcing database information with the document management software. For example, a customer is using Microsoft CRM and needs their users to associate a client with documents that are added to the library. The list of clients can be displayed as a drop-down menu that is dynamically populated from a central list of customers taken from an existing CRM system.

FileHold can pull data from various database sources in a variety of ways:

Posted date: 2017-04-12

Starting with FileHold 15.2, Microsoft Word documents undergoing workflow can be converted to PDF format. Along with this conversion, it is possible to add a digital signature envelope protected by a certificate with a private key from the Windows certificate store on the FileHold application server.

Posted date: 2017-03-02

Many customers require FileHold to be available at all times. Whether it is supporting a business-critical function or thousands of users, the need is the same. If documents are not available, employees are not able to get their work done.

Customers have a variety of options when licensing and deploying FileHold and some of those options address concerns of availability.

Posted date: 2017-02-17

We've recently had a question from a customer asking:

"When adding attachments in Microsoft Outlook using the FileHold Office Client, we need a way to rename the document from how it was named in the attachment. Currently we are taking the extra step of locating the document in FileHold and manually editing the filename."

Well dear customer, that extra step is not necessary. We have a couple of solutions for you.

1. In the FileHold Office Client window, type in a new file name in the blue bar area above the metadata.

Posted date: 2017-02-07

Installing a document management system in less than a day…


Or is it…?

With FileHold it is possible!

So… you need to get started with an eDMS, and you need it installed NOW. How can that happen when your IT team is busy on other projects, and your budget doesn’t allow you to bring in additional resources to assist?

Solution: FileHold Systems