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Posted date: 2017-04-12

Starting with FileHold 15.2, Microsoft Word documents undergoing workflow can be converted to PDF format. Along with this conversion, it is possible to add a digital signature envelope protected by a certificate with a private key from the Windows certificate store on the FileHold application server.

Posted date: 2017-03-02

Many customers require FileHold to be available at all times. Whether it is supporting a business-critical function or thousands of users, the need is the same. If documents are not available, employees are not able to get their work done.

Customers have a variety of options when licensing and deploying FileHold and some of those options address concerns of availability.

Posted date: 2017-02-17

We've recently had a question from a customer asking:

"When adding attachments in Microsoft Outlook using the FileHold Office Client, we need a way to rename the document from how it was named in the attachment. Currently we are taking the extra step of locating the document in FileHold and manually editing the filename."

Well dear customer, that extra step is not necessary. We have a couple of solutions for you.

1. In the FileHold Office Client window, type in a new file name in the blue bar area above the metadata.

Posted date: 2017-02-07

Installing a document management system in less than a day…


Or is it…?

With FileHold it is possible!

So… you need to get started with an eDMS, and you need it installed NOW. How can that happen when your IT team is busy on other projects, and your budget doesn’t allow you to bring in additional resources to assist?

Solution: FileHold Systems

Posted date: 2017-01-27

I am excited to announce that FileHold Systems has expanded our technical support team into the Central European time zone. All of our existing FileCare customers with standard or extended support agreements will immediately have access to the FileHold support team during our new regular support hours from 12 am till 4 pm pacific time Monday through Friday. Or for those with extended coverage, during their extended times.


Posted date: 2016-12-12

Do you have piles of paper to scan? Are you processing multiple pages of documents at once? SmartSoft capture can support multiple pages when scanning or importing files.

There are a few ways that pages can be separated when processing documents through Capture. This is configured in the Tools > Settings > General tab.

Posted date: 2016-11-21

When setting up the form fields in the form template, one of the things you can configure is the flags. The flags determine how the field will behave when attempting to capture the data. There are several flags to choose from in the Flags column list. Some of these are useful with Capture, some maybe not so much.

Here are the flags that I usually recommend using.

Posted date: 2016-11-14

If you’re having issues with capturing certain data, regular expressions may be able to help. So what exactly are regular expressions?

A regular expression, regex or regexp (sometimes called a rational expression) is, in theoretical computer science and formal language theory, a sequence of characters that define a search pattern, mainly for use in pattern matching with strings, or using a string searching algorithm, i.e. "find and replace"-like operations.” Source: Wikipedia

Um, what?

Posted date: 2016-11-07

When setting up the form templates, one of the columns in the template is called “Sample headers”. Defining sample headers in the form template helps make Capture smarter.

So what exactly are sample headers? Sample headers are those “titles” or “headings” which identifies or describes what that piece of information is on the page. Once Capture finds the header on the page, it will know that the value it is trying to capture is somewhere nearby. This helps make Capture more intelligent during the capture stage.

Posted date: 2016-10-31

SmartSoft Capture is a data capture software solution by SmartSoft, one of the leaders in data capture and document processing. The software can process form type documents, such as invoices, extract the form field information, and export the data to your FileHold document management system.