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Posted date: 2016-11-07

When setting up the form templates, one of the columns in the template is called “Sample headers”. Defining sample headers in the form template helps make Capture smarter.

So what exactly are sample headers? Sample headers are those “titles” or “headings” which identifies or describes what that piece of information is on the page. Once Capture finds the header on the page, it will know that the value it is trying to capture is somewhere nearby. This helps make Capture more intelligent during the capture stage.

Posted date: 2016-10-31

SmartSoft Capture is a data capture software solution by SmartSoft, one of the leaders in data capture and document processing. The software can process form type documents, such as invoices, extract the form field information, and export the data to your FileHold document management system.

Posted date: 2016-09-16

Congratulations! You’ve installed and configured FileHold, and your design has been given the stamp of approval by The Powers That Be. Now it’s time to tackle that other enormous elephant in the room: Data Migration.

Posted date: 2016-03-10

FileHold offers an easy method to access a document from an external application: a document link. The link works in any browser to take the user to the document in the FileHold folder, web viewer, or download the document directly to the browser’s download folder. Sometimes it is desirable to download the document without any user intervention. A tool like Powershell provides some great facility for automating the download and it can also easily interface with the FileHold API to do things like start a FileHold session.

Posted date: 2016-02-05

Our long-time FileHold reseller Docusyst! Congratulations Eric!

Posted date: 2016-09-09

So… you’ve decided to implement FileHold. Installation is done, hard part is over—or is it? Let’s discuss the Elephant in the Room.

The necessity for document management system is usually driven by requirements for better management and control over corporate information, be it paper or electronic. And the actual effort to install a document management system is generally fairly straight forward. But once it’s installed -- then what?

Yep. You gotta configure it.

Posted date: 2015-11-26

There are many scenarios where it is desirable to integrate documents stored in FileHold with other systems. FastFind is a popular integration method because it requires no special knowledge or technical skills. However, sometimes a tighter integration is desired where FileHold data appears directly with another application.


Posted date: 2015-11-12

One of the most important things for FileHold to do as a company is understand what our users need from our products and other trends from DMS users across the market. That's why we were excited to see this new research from the document management reviews and evaluation firm Software Advice.

Posted date: 2015-08-27

There are over four trillion paper documents in the US alone and this number is growing at a rate of 22% per year” – PricewaterhouseCoopers

Has another year passed and your company has once again delayed its plans to buy a document management system? So what’s the hold up? Those important documents that are being stored in every nook and cranny of your office aren’t going to mysteriously disappear any time soon – or more importantly they may disappear by way of a disaster (fire, flood). 

Posted date: 2015-08-14
What is zonal OCR?