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Posted date: 2017-09-08

Auto-filing can take documents from the FDA inbox, Manage Imports, Print to FileHold, the Microsoft Office integration, the Add Document Wizard, and the WebCap scanner inbox, and file them into the appropriate folders based on predefined values. This feature helps reduce misfiling and enables faster mass importation of documents.

Posted date: 2017-09-01

We recently had a prospective customer asking for a extremely simplified version of FileHold for their users. While most of our customers use the guest portal for this, this particular prospect wanted something even easier to use. Enter Mobile FileHold!

Posted date: 2017-08-28

FileHold can give the right people the right permission to find the right document.

Posted date: 2017-08-13

Sometimes you need to automate an update of data in FileHold for a large number of objects. Of course, if the objects are documents, you can use tools like the mass metadata edit or some of our API example programs if you are changing metadata values.

What if you want to mass approve a bunch of workflows? Workflows are highly controlled in FileHold to prevent arbitrary changes or updates. There is no standard client feature that allows you to mass approve them.

Posted date: 2017-07-31

Find the information you need at the touch of a key.

Posted date: 2017-07-26

FileHold receives very good questions about our software from both new prospects and existing customers. When it comes to features and capabilities, it is rare for us to not have a feature or capability that is being asked for but sometimes it has not been widely publicized – support of label printers is just such a feature.

This week we had a question that is worth elaborating on because it is not a standard product feature but shows the flexibility of FileHold to accommodate many special requests.

Posted date: 2017-07-20

Keeping physical records part of your library.

Posted date: 2017-07-14
So you would like to trial FileHold Software - Trial it like you own it

FileHold would like you to trial our software as we and we want to ensure that you have a successful trial that leads to solving the business problem you are dealing with. By doing the trial correctly we both win; you do not waste time, you learn our software completely, we focus on your business problem, and the trial install will be so successful that it can turn into your production system.

Posted date: 2017-06-29

The FileHold licensing model is like using a parking lot at your local mall or retail store. The registered licenses are the vehicles and the concurrent sessions are the parking spaces.

Posted date: 2017-06-13

How Mobile FileHold can keep you connected to your organization’s processes.

The Pain 

You are a sales manager going to a trade show overseas. While sitting in the airport lounge, you only have your smartphone for checking emails. The good news is that your team has had an amazing morning, and they have been flooded with potential orders. The bad news is that without your laptop, you can’t check and approve the contracts. If you delay, you could lose the orders. If you try and find a business centre, you will miss your flight.