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Posted date: 2018-05-25

FileHold is capable of electronically managing and eliminating all paper processes in your office including organizing a social event such as a barbecue.

(The following is a true story. The name of the company has been deliberately omitted.)

It was a wonderful gesture, to show it’s appreciation for its tenants; a property management firm was planning to host a summer barbecue.  What a great idea? Who doesn’t like a summer barbecue?

Posted date: 2018-05-10

Information disaster can happen to anyone. This week FileHold Systems learned that a hot water tank had been installed in the ceiling of our office prior to us moving into the building. The reason we learned about it is a seam opened up along the side of the tank and water poured into our office. Of course, it happened on a weekend when no one was around so the water kept running saturating our office with an inch of water throughout and eventually pouring down two floors into the offices below.

Posted date: 2018-05-01

A favourite sales story of mine is about a company who sold shop floor manufacturing equipment (lathes, saws etc.). The company wanted to grow its sales so it added a line of industrial ceiling lights to its product line. The idea was that the sales team, while doing sales work on the shop floor would also sell the line of lights.

Posted date: 2018-03-19

Stay paperless even when sending documents of a sensitive nature.

Posted date: 2018-02-08

For some time, the FileScan Bridge has offered FileHold customers a standard feature for importing documents with metadata. Known as Manage Imports in the desktop client, this feature makes it easy to integrate with image processing applications such as SmartSoft Capture™, Kodak Alaris Capture Pro™, Abbyy FlexiCapture™, and others. It also opens the door for any software that can properly format an XML file to describe the documents that will be imported to FileHold.

Posted date: 2018-02-06

Search all your documents – even scans and faxes – like they were text.

The Pain

You need to digitize the back room of records. Dozens of years worth of data needs to be scanned, indexed, and entered into your digital library. Piles of banker boxes with long forgotten memos, reports, and minutes now loom over you, taking attention away from your other critical tasks. You may end up spending days or weeks painstakingly categorizing all this paper, only to have it ignored and your efforts gone to waste.

Posted date: 2018-01-29

Send documents from other programs right into FileHold by a click of the Print button.

The Pain

Your organization has decided to move to a paperless office. Now you are sending invoices electronically but you need to keep a historic record of each one. You end up printing each invoice, and then scanning them back to create the electronic record which is both time-consuming and the opposite of the paperless office.


Posted date: 2017-12-13

Follow your document retention policy with simple processes that work automatically to keep documents compliant

Posted date: 2017-12-04

Take the guess work out of finding current documents.

The Pain

Your organization wants to move to a paperless system and has been using the server to store your documents. Although everyone can access and edit the documents, you can’t tell which are the most current. You cross-examine the document properties to figure out which is the latest version. You have tried to get your colleagues to rename documents with version numbers, but they always seem to forget. Now, you have chaos in the folders and new version are clogging up your system.

Posted date: 2017-10-23

A not-so-random list of ways FileHold can help your organization adopt electronic documents, even when you must drag them into the modern world.