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Posted date: 2008-12-29

Yesterday, on December 28, 2008, FileHold was reviewed on SharePointReviews.com which published a detailed review covering how FileHold integrates with MS SharePoint 2007 / WSS 3.0. Here is the article:

Posted date: 2008-11-13

FileHold 8.5 was released yesterday afternoon. We are getting onto the upgrades and new installations.

You can take a look at the new features here:

Features include:

Posted date: 2008-11-10

Blogger.com anonymous user "Digital Racer" had some feedback about this blog article - I am quoting 100% of the comment. I added the brackets to clarify the post it was referring to, and am also linking this post to the original article that prompted this feedback from Digital Racer.

Digital Racer said: "This (code snippet blog post) would be more useful if you had actual working code instead of a bunch of half a** comments"

Posted date: 2008-11-07

Advanced ECM
Until now, Enterprise Content Management products, such as FileHold, have been deployed primarily as a point solution or as a component of a line-of-business application. The trend is that many organizations are seeing their environments evolve into shared services frameworks and the
centralization of content management is one of the driving factors. It is important to point out that Microsoft typically does not develop vertical or point solutions; they develop applications, platforms and tools.

Posted date: 2008-05-23

In FileHold Document Management's overview of system security there are all the standard users. It is also possible to use a guest user account to solve very specific types of business problems.

The functionality available to Guest users are the same as the Read-Only users but more limited. Below are the functionality which Guest users can or cannot perform:

Posted date: 2008-05-11

Sometimes customers will integrate the FileHold document management software system with other systems, databases and applications in their network or enterprise. While the majority of our wide ranging customer base use FileHold Document Management Software out of the box, there are customer examples who require an API for integration into other systems.

Posted date: 2008-04-17

 FileHold helps customers configure their document management software and get the most out of their document management systems / software. We welcome questions about document management, document imaging and scanning or other IT, security or implementation questions you might have that are related to document management in general.