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Posted date: 2011-09-26
Automatically Extracting Metadata from the Document Properties of any Document Type

The document properties of a document can be automatically extracted into metadata fields for a defined schema when an extraction rule for that file type is configured. Since all document types have properties, you can extract metadata from any type of document. This is useful for file types such as images where you can extract information such as the size of the picture, the camera type, exposure time, resolution, and so on directly from the file. 

Posted date: 2011-09-19

FileHold 12  improves the scalability of the document management software to accommodate even greater number of documents being stored.

Posted date: 2011-09-14
System Administration and Library Administration Features Available in Rich Desktop Client

In FileHold 12, the most frequently used System Administration and Library Administration functions will be available in the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA). In past versions, these functions were only available in the Web Client.

This allows administrators to access these features without having to go through the Web Client. All of the functions that are available for these features in the Web Client are also available in FDA.

Posted date: 2011-09-05

We are continuing to showcase the new document management software features in the next release. Today's post will describe the new reports. The new reports include:

Trace Log Error Log System Audit Log Library Audit Log Full Text Search Report Insufficient Concurrent Access Licenses (CALs) Report

Enhancements have also been made to the Document Workflow Status Report that is accessed by the Library Administrator.

Posted date: 2011-08-24

For up to date system requirements, see our System Requirements page.

Application Server Requirements

Windows 2008 Standard and Enterprise Edition Server (64 bit) with IIS 7, English version

Windows 2008 R2 Standard and Enterprise Edition Server (64 bit) with IIS 7, English version

Database Server Requirements

SQL Server 2005 SP4 Enterprise (32 bit)

Posted date: 2011-08-05

We are getting very excited about the new features in the FileHold 12 document management software release coming this fall! We will be introducing the new features over the coming weeks. The first feature we will be showcasing is the new Calendar.

Keeping organized is the one thing we all need to do. With all of our tight schedules, keeping up with our workload using a calendar makes life easier. With a calendar, you can differentiate your daily tasks and become more proficient at accomplishing your document management goals.

Posted date: 2011-06-20

Web-Based-Software.com just posted another great review of our document management software. Web-Based-Software.com provides a directory of web applications and product reviews on their website.

Their bottom line:

Posted date: 2011-06-10

In a recent AIIM white paper, they explored the benefits of content management across a number of departments and functions. In every sector that they sampled, an improvement between 20% and 50% can be acheived from efficiently managing content. That is quite the benefit!

Other results included:

In administrative workflow and customer service peaked at the 33% and 50% improvement levels.

In project collaboration saw a 10% to 50% improvement.

Posted date: 2011-05-06

Document Manager magazine is the UK's only publication covering document management, content management, capture, imaging and retrieval, workflow and business process automation, archiving, and records management solutions.

Why is FileHold document management software unique?

Because FileHold operates almost entirely via the web.

How is this different from other companies?