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Posted date: 2011-11-23

Officially as of November 17, 2011, FileHold 12 has been released!

Read our Press Release.

Read our New Features page or download the Release Guide.

Cameron Siguenza, VP of Services, Global Support and Implementation will be contacting all of our customers to schedule the upgrade. Be on the lookout for his email!

Posted date: 2011-11-14

In FileHold 12, you can export all documents from a cabinet, drawer, folder groups, or folders using the Export option. You can also export one or more documents from within a folder. Once the Export command is selected, you can select where you want to export the documents on your local machine or network.

Posted date: 2011-11-02

Several enhancements have been made to the document workflow software functionality in FileHold 12.

Library Administrator Workflow Status Report

The Library Administrator's Document Workflow Status report is now accessible in the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA); it is still accessible in the Web Client.

It is possible to search by additional workflow statuses. The workflow search status can equal: In progress, Completed, Cancelled, Not Approved, Approved, and Pending Approval.

Posted date: 2011-10-19

A new viewer, called the PDF/Image viewer, is available in FileHold 12. All NEW purchases and upgrades to FileHold 12 receive two PDF/Image viewer licenses for FREE! Both the traditional Brava viewer and the PDF/Image viewer are available for purchase with FileHold 12. If the Brava viewer is purchased, customers receive the PDF/Image viewer at no additional cost.

The PDF/Image Viewer supports the following file formats:


TIFF (single or multi-page)

Image files (jpg, png, gif, bmp)

Posted date: 2011-10-17

In FileHold 12 you can set the screen you want to see after logging into the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA) opens.

You can set one of the following screens to be the default screen at start-up in the Advanced tab of User Preferences:

Blank Simple Search Advanced Search Inbox My Tasks Calendar

Posted date: 2011-10-12
Should you scan new documents or the old ones first?

Kevin McArthur serves as FileHold’s VP of Sales for the US. Kevin is a Certified Document Imaging Architect (CDIA+) and brings over 11 years of document management experience in helping customers make important purchase decisions on complex document management software.

Posted date: 2011-10-05

There are several enhancements to the Manage Imports tool in the document management system.

Sharing Imports and Inboxes – Shares imports of documents and the contents of the FileHold Inbox between users with differing Windows user accounts.

Moving imported files – Files that have been imported can be moved to another location on your computer or network.

Posted date: 2011-09-30
Automatically Extracting Metadata Values from Content Controls in Microsoft Word Documents (e-Forms) in FileHold 12

In FileHold 12, you can now create a “XML Node Extraction Rule” for a Microsoft Word document (or e-Form) that has content controls. After the document has been properly configured, the values in the content controls can be extracted into the metadata fields when the e-Form is added to FileHold.

Posted date: 2011-09-26
Automatically Extracting Metadata from the Document Properties of any Document Type

The document properties of a document can be automatically extracted into metadata fields for a defined schema when an extraction rule for that file type is configured. Since all document types have properties, you can extract metadata from any type of document. This is useful for file types such as images where you can extract information such as the size of the picture, the camera type, exposure time, resolution, and so on directly from the file. 

Posted date: 2011-09-19

FileHold 12  improves the scalability of the document management software to accommodate even greater number of documents being stored.