Working from home with FileHold

There are many reasons why an organization would want to deploy a document management system (DMS) like FileHold. Some companies buy a DMS for compliance and security; others are looking for powerful search capabilities in a standardized and structured repository; still others need version control, retention/disposition, review and approvals, physical storage constraints, etc.

One of the biggest benefits of deploying a DMS like FileHold is providing a means of working from home. Whether it be environmental threats, health concerns that require social distancing, travel delays, a disparate workforce, scheduling conflicts, and so on, now, more than ever, it makes sense to centralize your organization in a DMS for remote work.

FileHold provides several options for working from home.

FileHold Desktop Application (On-Premise and Cloud)

As a standard feature, FileHold provides the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA) to any full users in the system. The FDA is a small installed application that can be rolled out via a silent installer to all workstations on the network. You can also install the FDA on your laptop or home computers as permitted. The desktop application points to the centralized server via a URL path, which can be accessed when working from home via your network connection. FileHold can connect securely via Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Internet, Intranet, WAN, LAN, Citrix, Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services (RDP), etc. What this means for the user is they can work from home no differently than if they were in the building. There is no learning curve and no interruption to normal business activity.

FileHold Web Client (On-Premise and Cloud)

As a standard feature, FileHold also provides a fully-functioning web client access point that looks and feels just like the FDA. If you do not wish to install the FileHold Desktop Application or if you rarely need to work remotely, you can simply point to your centralized server via a URL from a secure browser. Again, FileHold can connect via VPN Internet, Intranet, WAN, LAN, Citrix, Terminal Services, or RDP, etc. FileHold fully supports Microsoft Internet Explorer / Edge, Google Chrome, Apple IOS Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

FileHold Mobile (On-Premise and Cloud)

Also a standard feature, FileHold offers a mobile interface for use of any device that can support a browser. FileHold Mobile offers an intuitive, simple to use, finger-friendly interface for Apple, Android, and Windows devices. The FileHold Mobile software solution is HTML5-based, so it will run on a wide variety of mobile devices. The minimum screen resolution targeted is 240 x 320. Although not as feature-rich as the desktop and web interfaces, Mobile’s interface provides everything you need to search critical documents, approve files for review and approval, as well as upload documents from your mobile device. As with all of the other interfaces, all you need is secure access to the FileHold server (whether your server or on the Cloud).

Access to Mission-Critical Files with No Internet Connection

Download Files (On-Premise and Cloud)

In all three interfaces, FileHold offers a quick way to download local copies of the files you need, preserved in their native format. The action of downloading files will be captured in the audit trail so that compliance is maintained.

Working Document Synchronization (On-Premise and Cloud)

FileHold offers a check out feature that marks documents being worked on when offline. This can be invaluable when working from home because it gives visibility as to who is working on a particular document. It also protects the version you are working on until the file is checked back in. FileHold allows you to email yourself key documents and check them out simultaneously. When you are back on the network, you will be able to synchronize any changes back to the centralized server, or ensure that you are synchronizing the latest versions from the library by replacing outdated versions. These working documents can be quickly accessed on your local PC.

Export (On-Premise and Cloud)

In times where the internet or the network may be down for an extended time, FileHold allows you to export entire libraries of files to your local machine. In addition to having the files in their native format, you will also have access to critical metadata in XML format.


In closing, working from home is an important option and allows organizations to operate uninterrupted in a crisis and everyday life. For more information on how FileHold can help your organization, please contact us at [email protected].

Kevin McArthur

Kevin McArthur serves as the VP of Sales for FileHold for the US. Kevin is a Certified Document Imaging Architect (CDIA+) and brings over 15 years of document management experience in helping customers make important purchase decisions on complex document management software. Contact him at [email protected].