Work online. Work offline. Work anywhere.

You are a project manager leaving on a business trip. You will be taking an airplane and working in a remote location where the internet connection is sketchy at best.  All of the required documents for the project are stored in the document management system. How can you take the documents with you so that you can work on them?

FileHold document management software makes it easy to work online or offline with your most current project plans, drawings, photos, specifications or any document types needed. Before leaving the office, the project manager can perform a search for all the documents that belong to that project and simply get a copy or check out a document from the Library. If they need to “lock” the document from further editing while they are away, they can check out the document so no other users can make changes. The documents are downloaded from the Library to the “working folder” on their local computer. The working folder is typically in the directory C:/.../My Documents/My FileHold Documents folder but may be changed depending on what you have set in your User Preferences. Once the documents are downloaded, they can work on all of your documents in their native applications offline as much as needed.

Upon the project manager returning to the office or resuming internet access, they can synchronize the document changes to the Library using the Working Documents tool in the FileHold Desktop Application. The Working Documents window displays a list of all of the documents that were downloaded or checked out to their “working folder”. If the documents are in another folder location on their computer, FileHold can recognize those changes as well by clearing the “Show my local working folder only” check box.

Working documents

FileHold does not instantly synchronize the project documents when the internet connection resumes like some other document management software does. Instead, FileHold document management software has a different approach ¾ it allows you to decide what you want to do with the documents by providing three synchronization options:

  • Get newer version of files from the Library — This will download the latest version from the Library and replace the current version on your local computer.

  • Check-in files I have updated locally — Any checked out documents will be checked in. If you have not checked out the document prior to the changes, the synchronization process will recognize this and give you the option to check out the files first and then check in the updates automatically.

  • Remove duplicate or older files I have on my local computer — Any old or duplicate files will be deleted. If you have checked out documents but have not modified them, you have the option to cancel the checkout.

Synchronize documents in FDA

The project manager can preview which documents in the list will be affected by the changes prior to committing to the synchronization process by clicking the Preview button.

Working documents preview

Once they have selected the synchronization options, the documents are synchronized automatically and the project manager can resume their activities.

FileHold document management software makes it easy to work anywhere — offline or online. To speak with a sales consultant about working with documents offline with FileHold document management software, email [email protected].