Will your Intellectal Property Survive the Storm?

The benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy victims that was aired December 12, 2012 got me thinking about how many people and businesses are still affected by the storm more than one month after it hit the east coast of the USA. With loss estimates due to damage and business disruption coming in around $65.6 billion, Sandy went on record as the largest Atlantic hurricane in history. Not only was there Hurricane Sandy this year, but there has been major flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, and other various storms around the world. With all this devistation, it makes you wonder how much information was potentially lost around the world.

Few businesses can survive a major data loss without comprehensive backup policies and recovery strategy in place. By making backups of computers and servers, companies can ensure that data can be recovered quickly. If you don’t have backup policies in place, your data is at risk across all physical, virtual, and cloud environments not only from natural disasters but also from threats such as cyber attacks and hardware failure.

But what if your data was not in electronic format? What if your entire business ran on paper and it was lost in a storm? What kind of recovery process do you follow now? Sadly, there is probably not a lot you can do if your files are floating in the Atlantic Ocean. However, you are now aware of the risk to your intellectual property and can take steps right now to prevent a major data loss.

Your first step is to contact FileHold. FileHold document and records management software can help you get your paper documents into a safe, secure repository that can be easily searched and managed. FileHold technology enables organizations of all sizes to manage the access of information to users thereby reducing the risk against the loss of valuable corporate data. Having protected data and comprehensive backup policies will ensure the economic survival of your business in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophe.  

If you are already a FileHold customer, read the FileHold server backup and recovery guide so that your documents and records are protected in case of a disaster.