SmartSoft Capture Part 2 – Using Sample Headers to Help Make Scanning Smarter

When setting up the form templates, one of the columns in the template is called “Sample headers”. Defining sample headers in the form template helps make Capture smarter.

So what exactly are sample headers? Sample headers are those “titles” or “headings” which identifies or describes what that piece of information is on the page. Once Capture finds the header on the page, it will know that the value it is trying to capture is somewhere nearby. This helps make Capture more intelligent during the capture stage.

For example, if you’re trying to capture the invoice number, the sample header could be “Invoice number”, or “Invoice #, or “Inv No.” Once it finds that header somewhere on the document, it can capture the neighbouring invoice number. Below is a sample of invoices where each header for invoice number is different.

Invoice header samples

Step 1 – Take a sample of the documents

Have a look at some of your documents and identify the headers. Note the spelling of each one.

Step 2 – Update the form template

Once you have a list of the headers, open the form template and enter the headers in the Sample headers column. Separate each header with a semicolon (;). These are not case sensitive.

SmartSoft Capture sample headers

Step 3 – Exclude some headers

You can also exclude headers. Excluding headers will help teach capture to NOT look at a specific piece of information. For example, if you find that instead of capturing “invoice number” that it’s capturing “account number”, then account number can be added to the list of excluded headers. Think of it as spraying water on a bad kitty. “Bad kitty, stay away!”

SmartSoft Capture sample exclude headers

Step 4 – Scan some documents

As you start scanning your documents, you may find that you need to adjust the sample headers and excluded headers over time which is easy to do in the form templates.

Stay tuned to the FileHold blog for more SmartSoft Capture tips and tricks!