Shelf or box label printing – A little known FileHold feature

FileHold receives very good questions about our software from both new prospects and existing customers. When it comes to features and capabilities, it is rare for us to not have a feature or capability that is being asked for but sometimes it has not been widely publicized – support of label printers is just such a feature.

This week we had a question that is worth elaborating on because it is not a standard product feature but shows the flexibility of FileHold to accommodate many special requests.

Question from Prospective Customer:We are looking for a new records retention system. I need the system to be able to generate box labels for stored documents and be searchable for locating hard copies. The system would be for no more than 100 users and need to include document retention settings. Please provide me with an estimated price quote.”

It is well known that FileHold has the ability to manage “offline” documents which are physical documents such as oversize plans or boxes of documents not worth scanning into electronic form. Read more information on how FileHold tracks these at offline documents. Also see this blog article that describes the business problem tracking offline documents solves.

FileHold can export metadata and version properties about offline documents using the metadata exporter tool. This feature can send information to a label printer to print identification labels, including a barcode, that can be applied to the plans or boxes. The FileHold architecture allows this functionality to be added by knowledgeable IT resources or by the FileHold professional services team to any FileHold implementation.

There are 3 things the customer will need to make the complete label printing process work once this data has been sent from FileHold:

  1. Label design software – This is the software that allows the customer to design a label that might include their pre-printed logo etc. The label format then accepts the data sent by the FileHold plug in and inserts the information into the correct location. If desired some of the information can be converted into a barcode.
  2. Labels - For shelf or box labels they need to be printed by thermal transfer technology in order to create a long life label. There are an infinite large array of labels that can be used.
  3. A dedicated label printer – These are dedicated printers that print labels of various sizes and quality. Price variables include label size and speed of printing.

Summary: FileHold is designed with many abilities to import and export both metadata and documents. This capability allows us to support many nonstandard features such as special reporting, integration with other applications and as described above, label printing. To learn more about FileHold capabilities contact [email protected].

Larry Oliver

Larry Oliver is the founder and President of FileHold software. He can be contacted at [email protected].