ROI and Business Benefits of Content Management Systems

In a recent AIIM white paper, they explored the benefits of content management across a number of departments and functions. In every sector that they sampled, an improvement between 20% and 50% can be achieved from efficiently managing content. That is quite the benefit!

Other results included:

  • In administrative workflow and customer service peaked at the 33% and 50% improvement levels.

  • In project collaboration saw a 10% to 50% improvement.

  • Workflow with automated data capture from scanning had a 36% productivity improvement.

  • Up-to-date customer data to improve customer service levels achieved 33% increase.

  • Searching for information increased by 30%.

  • Physical storage space savings (filing cabinets) can be reduced by 5.9% to 60%.

  • Hard drive space reduced 41.2% on average.

When measured together, these constitute a massive net benefit for worker productivity! To learn how you can manage your content more efficiently, read about our document management features and benefits.