New Reports for FileHold 12

We are continuing to showcase the new document management software features in the next release. Today's post will describe the new reports. The new reports include:

  • Trace Log
  • Error Log
  • System Audit Log
  • Library Audit Log
  • Full Text Search Report
  • Insufficient Concurrent Access Licenses (CALs) Report

Enhancements have also been made to the Document Workflow Status Report that is accessed by the Library Administrator.

Trace Log and Audit Log

The Trace Log and Audit Log are two logs that can be exported from the software's Desktop Application (FDA). If a user is experiencing problems with the document management software, they can export the error log and trace log as a text file and send it to FileHold Support in the event of a problem.

The Trace.log is a list of any .NET framework errors. The Error.log is a list of FDA errors.

System Audit Log

The System Audit Log is available in the System Administration area Web Client. It logs the following information:

  • Adding local and domain users
  • Deleting local users
  • Adding and deleting FileHold groups
  • Enable and disabling licenses
  • Resetting passwords
  • Adding and removing users to and from FileHold groups

The log can be filtered by username and date range.

Library Audit Log

The Library Audit Log is available in the Library Administration area of the Web Client. It logs the following information:

  • Deleting document versions (soft delete, hard delete, and restoring a document from the soft delete phase)
  • Deleting library objects such as cabinets, drawers, folder groups and folders
  • Deleting schemas
  • Deleting metadata fields and removing metadata fields from schemas
  • Adding, removing, and modifying cabinet and folder memberships
  • Changing the owner of a cabinet, folder, or document version

The log can be filtered by username and date range.

Full Text Search Report

The Full Text Search Report can be accessed in the Library Administration area of the Web Client. You can run a report from the Search Engine Status page that contains:

  • All dtSearch settings
  • All information from the status and error pages
  • Number of documents in the Library
  • Version of the dtSearch dll file

The report can be opened or saved as an html file after the report has been run.

Insufficient CALs Report

The Insufficient CALs (Concurrent Access Licenses) Report can be accessed from the System Administrator area of the Web Client. The report is used to determine if there are enough concurrent user licenses available in the software.

You can run the Insufficient CAL Report to view which users were not able to log into the system due to there not being enough licenses. In the log, you can search by user name and dates.

An email notification can be sent to System Administrators and/or Library Administrators when there are insufficient concurrent access licenses. The frequency of the emails can be sent daily or weekly. The number of insufficient CAL events for the last 24 hours is also shown in the license information area in the Users area in FDA and the Web Client.

Library Administrator Document Workflow Status Report

The Workflow Status Report in the Library Administration area of the Web Client is now also included in the Library Administration area of FDA (more about that in another blog post!).

In the Library Administrator Workflow Status Report, you can search by additional document workflow statuses. The workflow search status can equal:

  • In progress
  • Completed
  • Cancelled
  • Approved
  • Not approved
  • Pending approval

Once the report has been run, the results can be either printed or exported to CSV or HTML format.